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Extending Happiness And Self-Confidence One Strand Of Hair At A Time

Melissa Kelly’s dream is an extension of her dad’s legacy--literally. The owner and operator Bello Haven Salon + Extensions in Johnstown was inspired early on by her father to chase her dreams. So, she did just that by creating her custom line of hand-tied, luxury human hair extensions. Her extensions went on the market in 2017 and are now sold in over 200 salons nationwide. 

“My dad always pushed me to chase my dreams; I couldn’t have done what I have done without him,” Melissa says.

She opened the doors to her physical salon in northern Colorado in 2019 and business has been booming ever since. Bello Haven’s growth has been fueled by Melissa’s determination to share her success with others: clients, stylists, educators, and people who have lost their hair in the process of cancer treatment. 

The latter group holds an extra special place in Melissa’s heart. Seven years ago she lost her father, her “Dream-Chaser-in-Chief”, to pancreatic cancer. He fought hard and kept a positive attitude amidst his sickness, but watching him battle was challenging for Melissa. As a tribute to the gift of inspiration her father always gave to her, Melissa now gives back from the bounty of her success.

As Bello Haven grows, Melissa plans to devote a portion of their product sales toward providing custom-designed and fitted hair-extension wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer. For her, it’s one part beautiful (Bello), a tribute to her daughter, Bella, and the other part heaven (Haven), in honor of her dad.

Through word-of-mouth connections, Melissa has already begun to create custom wigs for a handful of women--some as young as eight years old. For her, there is nothing more fulfilling than to help people feel beautiful, happier, and more confident.

I love to hear their (my client’s) story and then work together to get exactly the look, color, and style they really want.  - Melissa Kelly, Owner & Creator, Bello Haven Salon + Extensions

When someone reaches out to Melissa about having a wig made, she takes it seriously. She cares about her clients’ personal journeys, so she schedules a consultation to hear about their past experiences and future hopes for their new hair. Then, she takes measurements to ensure a perfect fit. When the wig is ready, the client returns to the salon for a final fitting and styling. If the color isn’t just right, then Melissa and her team make all of the necessary adjustments. If the style isn’t as it should be, then they work diligently until it is. All the wigs Melissa creates are made of human hair and can be colored, curled, and cut as if they were the client’s natural hair. 

Melissa will not accept payment for the wigs she creates - that’s her way of giving back. She has seen how challenging it is to have cancer. While she can’t take away the disease, she does what she can to help people feel better while they are going through it. 

In addition to selling Bello Haven extension products at salons across the country, Melissa’s company also offers nationwide on-site training and an online certification course. As of now, 36 employees are chasing their dreams under the auspices of Bello Haven, but you can bet that number of employees (and dreams) will soon multiply.

Without a doubt, Bello Haven Salon + Extensions offers much more than beautiful, luxury hair extensions. You’ll leave feeling confident, cared for, and inspired to pursue your own dreams.

Bello Haven Salon + Extensions

4898 Larimer Parkway

Johnstown, CO 80534




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