Good Health, Good Community, Good Connections

Modo Yoga Connects on All Levels

Good health, good community, and good connections. These three phrases embody the very essence of Modo Yoga Studios here in the Twin Cities. Through Modo Yoga, students have the opportunity to join a community with a strong inclination for health and wellness. There are many classes every day of the week and all are welcome. However, they don't have to go at it by themselves. Inclusion is at the heart of this business, which ignites a sense of comradeship between students and teachers working towards a common goal.

Modo Yoga Minneapolis was started in 2010 by Ryann and Phillip Doucette. Hailing from Canada, the formerly married dynamic duo ventured for the Twin Cities to establish their health & well-being community. The Doucettes were attracted to many elements of the Twin Cities that made it the perfect location to launch their Modo Yoga branch. One of the biggest attributes that provoked them was the cities’ pro-health lifestyle as one of the healthiest cities in the country. Being that yoga has a plethora of health benefits, and building community is at the root of what Phil and Ryann do, it was the perfect equation for a thriving business and for a community to grow. They were also attracted to the city’s distinct 4 season display, the abundance of alluring lakes, and the easy access to parks. Not to mention, the city's accessible transportation system was also taken into account, since Modo Yoga sits right on the Greenway Line. Phil adds, “We are built on more than customer service, we’ve always had a focus on building community.”

With a stellar location for the business, they are able to carry out Modo Yoga’s motto which is “Calm, fit, inspired.” The idea is to develop a calm mind, work towards a fit body, and feel inspired in their life through yoga. There’s a variety of class types to fit students’ needs and level of expertise. The classic Modo practice is a set sequence of 40 postures that provides a well rounded balance of strength, endurance and flexibility. Flow classes move at a fast pace, while Restorative classes move at a slower place. Each class lasts 60 minutes long, unless otherwise noted for special events. There is music to aid in their set practices, and a sequence of postures and workouts that differentiate one another. These sessions can increase students’ body strength, endurance, flexibility, strengthen their core, and can rejuvenate any level of student. Another addition to these classes is the use of hot temperatures in the rooms. It’s important to know that students should drink water before and during class to stay hydrated, as well as bring their own towels. Since these hot rooms are meant to seep right into the bone, push out toxins, and exfoliate the pores, they are also a perfect way to flush out those seasonal depressions and warm up with other like-minded students. Regardless of your ability, all classes are accessible and can be attended by all levels of students, whether they're a beginner or a seasoned yoga veteran.

For example, students may only want to focus on a specific type of class consistently to perform the same sets. However, the teacher will have another set intention to mix things up. That way, as students learn different postures over time, they can be introduced to new techniques that make other forms of yoga more accessible to them, increasing their level as a student. All classes build on this very foundation and are aimed to see students’ progress increase over time. Teachers are also open to feedback so they can continue to grow, improve, and understand how to further aid their students with their desired goals. Phil believes that “Community and celebration go hand and hand when we try to uplift each other,” and adds, “we have great teachers, no matter if it's slower or a faster class, we want students to have a strong, positive experience that connects the three words from our motto - calm, fit, inspired.”

After a rejuvenating session at Modo Yoga, take a trip next door to the Doucettes’ second haven for a healthy lifestyle at the Seed Cafe. Together, the two businesses go together like peanut butter and jelly. Modo Yoga provides healthy movement with yoga, while the Seed Cafe cultivates healthy eating. Like Modo’s motto, the Seed Cafe’s “Planting Good” incorporates the beneficial nature of the pro-health lifestyle. Being that it is a plant-based cafe, all the food is vegan in their varied menu items of rice bowls, wraps, sandwiches, etc. If students are fresh out of a Modo Yoga class, the Peanut King Rice Bowl and Golden Child Rice Bowl are a perfect way to fill your body with plenty of nutritional sustenance. Their newest item is the plant-based shrimp, which is sustainably harvested seaweed and mung beans with no soy and no fish allergen. Plant-based shrimp is the star of their spicy shrimp street tacos, and can be added to any rice bowl or salad.

Modo Yoga has plenty to offer from it’s open accessibility, revitalizing practices, and strong sense of community with the bonus of Seed Café, providing nutritional eating to fit a healthy lifestyle. Newcomers are welcome and can sign up for any class to experience the reinvigorating nature of Modo Yoga followed by a delicious and nutritious meal at Seed Café. www.modoyoga.com and www.seedcafempls.com. (612) 920-3004.

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