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Good Kids Club

This February marked the five-year anniversary of Atlanta-based tech-driven sustainable food waste management company, Goodr. The award-winning company celebrated the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new, larger headquarters, which includes a very special benefit for its growing hybrid workforce—free childcare.

Affectionately called Goodr Kids Club, the space is a free daily childcare center for Goodr’s employees whenever they need to work from the office. This drop-in daycare includes interactive games and learning supervised by professional caretakers who are present to assist the children get the most out of each day’s curriculum. A daily schedule and weekly immersion experiences, including foreign language classes, will be provided for those children that wish to participate. The center, which was designed for kids 5 and under, will also provide daily nutritious snacks and meals courtesy of Little Spoons.

The lack of affordable, available quality childcare in America has driven many women out of the workforce during the course of this pandemic and the ongoing problem has prevented many from going back. Goodr is a company founded on creating solutions and the Goodr Kid’s Club childcare center is another example of that mindset.

“We are super excited to be in the position of being able to provide this support for our incredible team,” said Goodr’s Founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe. “As a new mom, I know firsthand how difficult it is to balance work and home life in the best of times, much less during a pandemic. I love that my daughter, Journey, can now join me on days that I work in the office and be in a thriving learning environment.”