Good Ol' St. Nick!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The man, the myth, the legend. The story of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to the monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that he was born around 280 A.D. in modern-day Turkey. He is admired and loved for his kindness and generosity to children from 1 through 92. But rather than read about him, we thought we would sit down and ask Good Ol' St. Nick himself a question or two!

What is your favorite candy - skittles

Where do you like to vacation? I like to go to different places, especially in May when I get to pick. Mrs. Claus picks our fall vacation before we start loading the sled.

How long does it take to load the lead? A long time. I have a whole team of elf engineers who puzzle the gifts together.

What is your best advice to grown-ups? Call your mother more.

What is your best advice to kids? The best way to learn is to try!

What is your favorite holiday? I'm biased but I love Christmas. Mrs. Claus and I like to celebrate Christmas the way the British do with a Thanksgiving-style meal at the end of Christmas day. 

What do you like to do in your free time? I love driving my car and moped. I'm also quite fond of building ships in a bottle, and reading letters to me that got lost in the mail. One time someone wrote to me in a bottle and 

What is your reindeer's favorite treat? Carrots. 

What music is your favorite? Classic rock and classic folk music

What's your favorite breakfast? French toast, but the last month I've been big on yogurt and fruit.

Do you love Christmas lights? Oh course! I love the creativity that people have. But I don't miss tinsel, it would always stick to my clothes. 

What do you think is weird? Pinecones in potpourri. 

Do you have a favorite cookie? 

Fake or real trees? They are both nice.

What was your favorite gift from Mrs. Claus? She finds the best ugly ties.

So that begs the question, when do you wear all your ugly ties? I travel a lot to keep tabs on people and I have to be a little incognito. 

How do you feel about the Elf on the Shelf? If your kids like it I'm for it, but personally, I think it's a little silly. 

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