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Enhancing Dad Bods

Local Health and Beauty options for the guys in our lives

Whether he has a DAD BOD or a Father Figure, a large percentage of men lean towards either strength training or running when it comes to fitness; and beauty routines are truly mysteries for most. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the nightly run, our town has a vast amount of health and beauty options for guys to spice up those routines.  The best thing about these options is that they are fun to do alone and even more fun with a partner.

1. ATK

Get those dad bods beach ready with workouts at AKT !

 At AKT, their workouts for men (and women) are most efficient  because they offer one stop shopping for avid gym goers.  Every day is a different workout, so that you never pique or plateau or get bored of working out!  3 of the 4 workouts are interval based sports workouts that alternate between strength and cardio. You get a full hour of cardio that includes strength training to get lean muscle in the most efficient. The remaining class, called TONE is a low-impact workout combining high weight low reps and low weight high reps burning the big muscle groups as well as targeting the small intrinsic muscles. 

2. Hand & Stone - 

While Hand & Stone is known for their amazing massages, one of the most popular treatments is called Heavenly Feet. Since most men don't schedule pedicures and most are on their feet all day,  it would make sense that they would enjoy the extra focus on their feet during their massage.  This treatment is an upgrade to the deep tissue massage.  It's a paraffin treatment with coconut oil that leaves the feet feeling very hydrated and soft followed by a focused massage on the feet.  

3. Derma Health Skin & Laser

As Arizona's #1 ranked Med spa group, Derma Health is inspiring and encouraging men to be their best. They offer a full menu of aesthetic skin care services, laser treatments, injectable services and body contouring.  One of the most popular treatments for men is Laser Hair Removal.  Laser hair removal (LHR) technology has been available since 1997  Derma Health now offers the LightSheer Desire laser, one of the most effective and versatile lasers available today. LightSheer provides a cooltip technology which makes this procedure virtually pain free. 

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