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Gourmet Milkshakes Are a Huge Hit at Frosted Cake Shoppe

Frosted Cake Shoppe —503 S. Court St. —a local bakery and every dessert lover's dream, has a new and exciting offering on its menu — gourmet milkshakes. As the name suggests, these milkshakes aren't your average drinkable dessert. Each flavor has its own set of unique toppings, ranging from a mini cupcake to a mini piece of pie, pretzels, and popcorn.

Owner, Brittany Rende, said that the idea for this new menu item arose when she was looking for something new to spice up the shop's menu — figuratively, not literally.

"I had seen these over-the-top shakes were trending online and thought they could be a fun addition. I really started planning and testing recipes in November 2021, and then earlier this year we went down to Tampa for vacation and visited The Yard Milkshake Bar while we were there," Brittany explained. "[The Yard's] entire business model is dedicated to gourmet milkshakes and ice cream, so they offer tons of different flavors. We knew that we didn't want to offer that many because we still wanted all of our baked goods to be the focus of Frosted, but it was really cool to check things out." 

Brittany also explained that no other businesses in Northeast Ohio — that she knows of — offer gourmet milkshakes: "I believe the closest place that offers them is in Columbus."

After lots of research and recipe testing — which I'm sure was purely delicious — Brittany added gourmet milkshakes to Frosted's menu of sweet treats in February. Instantly, they were a hit.

"The milkshake flavors are based on our most popular cupcake flavors, so people really get an idea of what to expect," Brittany said. "For example, our Death by Chocolate milkshake, also our first flavor, is based on our Death by Chocolate cupcake. It's a creamy chocolate milkshake with toppings like mini chocolate chips, chocolate fudge and a mini chocolate cupcake."

Some of the other gourmet milkshake flavors that Frosted offers are Birthday Cake, S'mores, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Dream, Mint Chip, and Cinnamon Sugar. Brittany shared with me that her favorite flavors are Cinnamon Sugar and Strawberry Cheesecake, and described that the Cinnamon Sugar shake tastes just like the sweet, cinnamony milk that happens when you eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

All of the shakes are one size — 12 ounces — and are served in a cute jar for $12 unless ordered to-go. To-go shakes are also 12 ounces but offer fewer toppings for easier transport and cost $10. 

Of course, Brittany and her team at Frosted are still pumping out dozens of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and pies every day. They even take cake orders for special occasions, whether it's for a birthday celebration or a wedding!

For more information about Frosted Cake Shoppe and to see its full menu of gourmet milkshakes and other delectable treats, visit online at or in-person at 503 South Court St., Medina, OH 44256.

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