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Grace and Gratitude

How Chrissy J Homes is lifting souls through Real Estate

Each morning Chrissy Peterson shares an inspiring message for the day with her friends and followers on Facebook. Her ritual stems from a mindset transformed; from once feeling the constant chase of life to one that embodies grace, gratitude, and enjoyment in the journey. 

She recently shared a post from Deb Frischmon, a local Waconia resident, which states: 

It’s so important to be happy with where we ARE... while dreaming for more... 

If we can enjoy the journey... being grateful... content... joyful... we raise our vibe... Attracting the next positive thing... and the next... and the next... getting in the flow!

Enjoying the journey... moment by moment... patting ourselves on the back along the way... taking time to look back and see how far we actually have come! 

Life is all about the journey... yet we all live for the destination... the end result... I’ll be happy when ... 

-when I lose all the weight 

-when I get the perfect job 

-when I land the deal or get the promotion 

-when I retire 

-when I meet my soulmate 

-when I’m married 

-when I have a bigger house 

-when I have a smaller house 

Can we be happy right now? 

Today... Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change... changing your perspective... finding all the good in your life right now. 

Eight years ago, while working in hospitality sales, Chrissy’s position required her to work holidays, nights, and weekends; consuming the majority of her time which meant time away from her kids. It took a toll on her spirit. Realizing she wanted life to be different, she left her tenure in the hospitality world. It took time in between jobs to make it all come together. “It was a big financial investment for me at the time,” she states. But she persevered, got her Real Estate license and her new journey began. 

If you know Chrissy, you know she is creative and strategic, and she will find a way to make things work for her clients. Jenna, one of her clients, told us that she felt like she had known Chrissy forever. “I never thought Waconia would be a place I could live or afford, but she helped me put all the pieces together. I couldn't love my home more!”

“There are so many amazing opportunities in Waconia,” says Chrissy. Recently she learned that inventory had opened up in Fields of Waconia by D.R. Horton. Chrissy knew she wanted to provide this as an option for her buyers. This new development sits conveniently across from the high school and only one mile from the lake, making it, "an amazing location for families."

Recognizing this, she is hosting an open house for people to pop in, say hi, and learn what this new development has to offer on September 21st from 3-5 pm.

Chrissy expresses that even though life has thrown her twists and turns, it’s taught her valuable lessons along the way. She is so happy and grateful that she took the leap, and started this new career at 48 years young. “My mission is to empower others to reach for the impossible by dreaming big, working hard, and never giving up.”

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