Graham Nash Follows His Heart

A Journey Through Music & Photography

Legendary artist Graham Nash's reach spans generations. As a founding member of both the Hollies and Crosby, Stills and Nash, Graham is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee who has seen rock history unfold at some of the industry's most profound moments.

Graham may be an extraordinary Grammy Award® winning artist but at the end of the day, he's a self-described “simple man”. Nash was inducted twice into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, for his work with Crosby Stills & Nash and his work as a solo artist.

Now in 2022, comes Graham Nash: Live, a unique project where he revisits those first two classic solo albums, Songs For Beginners and Wild Tales.  Nash was joined on stage by a seven-piece band led by his longtime collaborators, Shane Fontayne (guitar and vocals) and Todd Caldwell (keyboards and vocals), The album was mixed by Grammy Award® winner Kevin Killen and mastered by Grammy Award® winner Bob Ludwig. 

If that isn't enough to keep Nash, 80, busy. He's also released his first book of photography which is a birdseye view of those milestone moments of rock history that Graham was a part of. I'll admit, I was incredibly nervous to interview him but his calm, cool, and collected demeanor allowed me to see the "simple man" for the wise and down-to-earth megastar he is. His biggest piece of advice to humankind - is to just follow your heart.

LS: "Is there significance in the timing of the release of your book of photography? 

GN: "No significance, Joni (Joni Mitchell) wanted me to share the images and pushed me to show them. Joni put me in touch with the gallery she worked with in Japan where her paintings are.

LS: "Back when you took the photos, did you know you'd share them one day?"

GN: "For me, I've been a photographer longer than a musician. I was faced with many surreal moments in my life and prefer to be invisible when taking photos.  The best ones I've ever taken were when my friends never knew I was there."

LS: "What has it been like to relive those relationships and memories?"

GN: "I observe people who are opening the book for the first time and notice them start to smile. That is the reason I wanted to share the book". 

LS:" It takes a lot of work and inspiration to continue to create, can you share with us what keeps that fire burning for you?"

GN: "Follow your heart, have the desire to say something. I write what happens to me, that's what I want to do. My songs are real and from my life. Real songs are more meaningful. I follow my life and my heart, I don't force anything. I've been very lucky to find success and thank my mother and father who encouraged me to love music and rock and roll." 

LS: "Back to your long career in music, what was it like to re-record your first album live?"

GN: "I've worked with Bob for 50 years, he worked on these songs in the 70s and said to me that I've been singing better than ever and wanted to record them live with me". 

LS: "Releasing a live album of songs from 1971 and 1973 and now performing them live, these songs feel incredibly relevant and meaningful in 2022. Are you enjoying reliving those moments again on tour?"

GN: “I'm grateful and honored that my music has lasted for decades but ultimately I'm pissed off that my music is still relevant today, we've not learned our lesson."

LS: "Many of the songs are about your relationship with Joni Mitchell, and her photos are ever present in the book- any chance of a duet now that Joni is performing again?"

GN: "You never know, it's been an amazing journey she's been on with her healthcare issues. Even though we were lovers and friends, I have incredible respect for Joni as an artist".

LS: "Any advice for musicians hoping to have a long career in music?"

GN: "Follow your heart. Your heart knows what's good and what's bad. Life is made up of choices and let's hope you make the right ones."

Find Graham's latest album, and book of photography "A Life In Focus" at 

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