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Granger Owings' Owner Shares 7 Fall Fashion Trends For Men

With remote working expected to continue into the fall, men's clothing expert Vaughn "LV" Granger Jr., shares seven fashion trends that are anticipated for autumn at Granger Owings Classic Clothiers in Columbia. 

1. Men haven’t worn ties in almost six months, except to weddings or funerals. Whether paired traditionally with suits or layered underneath sweaters and atop button-downs, ties were an accessory to keep an eye on, as fashion followers fully expected ties to be adopted as trendy by fall 2020. That was in March. Then COVID-19 swung into gear, and stay-at-home sheltering took over as the new trend. Ties are taking a recess now. 

2. Most men are wearing significantly more casual clothes on a daily basis as they have gotten their home offices set up. Before coronavirus, certain workplaces accepted business-casual outfits as the new uniform in attempt to provide a new perk to employees. This year, concerns about casual attire are taking a back seat to more authentic, helpful business exchanges, with less dependency on how formal one looks. However, Granger Owings consultants assure they can assist men with still finding their unique, confident look within a causal clothing approach. 

3. More casual five pocket pants, as well as polo shirts, will remain as staples. Blue jean cut pants made from cotton give a plenty of room to move fit. 

4. There's a much higher demand for soft coats to compliment these more casual outfits. A soft coat or jacket gives relaxed casualness with a flair for luxury. Solids are great, but adding in a patterned sport coat adds a new dimension this season.

5. Guys play more on weekends, and are taking longer weekends. That means their wardrobe needs to transition well for those purposes. 

6. It’s been so hot that focusing on some of the linens and Pima cotton pieces are nice, especially because we aren't getting as formal all the time. Pima cotton is valued for its durability, because longer fibers mean a softer and stronger fabric.

7. More casual shoes continue to gain momentum, but in a much more diversified expression. "We're seeing a lot more variety of what that looks like," assures "Little Vaughn/LV" to differentiate from his father's same name. He's been in the clothing business since his father started Granger Owings in 1978. 

LV's Fall Trends In Men's Clothing

  • Suits and ties are still trending downward.
  • Sporty casual, trim performance-based fabrics will increase, including dressy pants fabrics.
  • More tonal jackets, often navy, not all blacks.
  • Less contrasting white sneaker bottoms, some sneakers made of wool.
  • Pocket squares are big.

Professionals at Granger Owings say they conduct themselves as advisers who also are cheerleaders and friends for clients.

Granger Owings' Columbia locations:  1333 Main Street, Suite 110, 803.252.6714; 1332 Main St., 803.799.7222; and 4840 Forest Drive #12B, 803.252.6714. They offer custom clothing consultations and styling, plus virtual access to shop newly arrived men's and women's styles from favorite brands.

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