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Katie Dunn & Taylor Witt of Little Wooden Penguin Design A New Bakery In Town

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Local couple Taylor Witt and Katie Dunn have transformed another building into an amazing new business for Celina. Once an old, abandoned home in downtown Celina is now home to Granny’s, a local bakery experience owned by Mikala Everson.

The pair are best known for their popular spot, Little Wooden Penguin, as well as their many construction ventures spotlighted previously in Celina Lifestyle. The couple is always looking for new projects and were excited to join forces with Everson creating the perfect spot for her bakery.

Located on Pecan Street, Katie Dunn describes it as an “an adorable house that makes you think of your granny.” Immediately, renovations began, breaking ground last May.

Taylor and Katie intended to keep the charm of the house, preserving the original materials and giving it the character it deserved, according to Taylor. Unfortunately, the house was inundated with problems like termites and structural issues. There was no way of saving the house and they had to “call an audible”, sadly demolishing the house.  

Luckily, the couple was able to salvage a substantial number of materials, wood, and shiplap. They created a framework matching the original structure along with accent walls and focal points throughout the building. It has the same footprint as the initial building making it “look like we just made it better,” says Katie.

Consequently, the bakery flip took longer than expected to finish. Taylor notes that hurdles along the way are typical, something they have experienced before with their other projects. Taylor credits the City of Celina “for working with us forming a great partnership where everyone was happy.” They ensured the building matched the city’s downtown vision, plus keeping the home-y feel.

While the overall project was around seven months, it took only two months to flip once the foundation was poured. Now, everyone is eager for Granny’s to open. Katie says, “It is really a cool building. What was an eyesore before, now reminds you of your grandma’s house where you can get homemade baked goods.”  

That is the dream turned reality for Mikala Everson, owner of Granny’s. She praises Taylor and Katie for being respectful of her visions and ideas, like an open kitchen and custom bread display. During her culinary training, Everson always had an open kitchen. She likes that it will allow customers an opportunity to see the entire baking process. “It’s inspiring to watch. I want people to see what we are doing from folding the bread dough, to baking the cakes,” says Everson. 

Building Granny’s was Everson’s first foray into construction, and she loved learning the process. She says it is humbling to see a crew working “to make my dream that I have had since I was six years old come true. It’s a special experience.” Everson continues, “I had an emotional tie to the home, and I promised to respect the original old building.” She hopes people will sense how unique the building is with the initial shiplap accent walls and the decorations, especially the artwork painted by her aunt, plus Everson’s very first car inside -  something you’ll have to see to believe. 

Everson is proud of the project and how it turned out. She said they made a modern, new building on the inside without destroying the original feel. That was most important to Everson as “it was someone’s house with memories.” She wanted Granny’s to have that same feel as being with family or baking with grandma.

Hence the name, Granny’s -- an entire bakery experience full of mini shops inside: Granny’s Sweeties (sweets like cupcakes), Granny’s Basket (bread and artisans), Granny’s Mug (coffee bar), and Granny’s Barrel (selling specialty beer and wine). Granny’s will also have a party room where you can decorate cupcakes any time.

Granny's Opened May 2023,

Design and Construction by Katie Dunn & Taylor Witt,


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