Grateful for More Than a Feast

Get inspired to make this Thanksgiving less about food, and more about family

Thanksgiving can often feel like a ritual that has lost its meaning. Another stressful day of preparing, cooking and baking the same dishes that you had last year. Perhaps this year find new ways to bring back the very reason for Thanksgiving: gratitude. Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a chore, but simply a celebration of those most important to you. Balloon arches and festive decorations are the perfect way to elevate your Thanksgiving to an actual party, not just another rowdy family gathering. Find interactive ways to get your family talking with each other. Turkey on the Table is a great way to get the kids involved which also doubles as cute table decor. Or perhaps this year calls for new family traditions. Embroider a tablecloth together and watch the colorful names multiply as your family grows. Or perhaps even creating a new custom of Thanksgiving Morning Tea. Whichever piece of inspiration you take to spice up this season's Thanksgiving celebration, keep in mind that this season is so much more than the sweet potato casserole, fresh yeast rolls, and honey-baked ham. It's about realizing that giving thanks doesn't have to come with a turkey or even a gravy boat, but simply acknowledging our blessings and the loved ones that have gathered close to us. 

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