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Grawlix Cocktail Lounge

A Smoking Great Time

Living in Dripping since it was a one-stoplight town, Jerome Bollom and a friend realized there was no liquor bar within the city limits. Tired of driving to Austin just to have a drink, they opened Grawlix Cocktail Lounge in December 2019.

“When we first opened, we just had the pre-prohibition lounge side with no TVs or games,” said Bollom. “It’s something we believe Dripping Springs was missing. Eighteen months after we opened, we expanded and doubled our size. This side has two pool tables, arcade games, pinballs, TVs and other fun things. It’s interesting to see how some people stick to their side; but this is the exact reason we designed the bar the way it is. You can start the night smooth and jazzy on the lounge side, and then end the night playing pool and having a ball.”

When asked why the name Grawlix, Bollom explained, “It was actually a word of the day that my fiancé, Morgane Xenos, who painted and designed the whole bar, showed me. We thought it would be a good name for some kind of fun establishment. A few weeks later the idea of the bar came about. Grawlix is actually a string of typographical symbols (such as %@$#*!) used in place of an obscenity, especially in comic strips. The slur is replaced with a grawlix.”

Open Tuesday through Saturday, Grawlix serves small plates until 9pm and craft cocktails until 11pm during the week and midnight on Friday and Saturday. 

“Just like any good watering hole, I think Grawlix has helped the community be its true self,” said Bollom.

330 W Mercer St 


  • 1.5oz mezcal

  • .75oz elderflower liquer

  • .25ox lavender simple syrup

  • .5oz lemon juice

Chop fresh rosemary and light it on fire to create a smoked effect inside the glass. Pour ingredients to the smoked rosemary glass and enjoy.