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Green Your Life

Recycled Products Offer New Paths to Sustainability

Making little changes in our lives can make a big impact on how many resources we consume. Whether a product is made of recycled material, saving trash from a landfill or is very durable to reduce single-use disposable items, some of the best options are listed here to make your everyday life more eco-friendly.

Rothy’s Shoes

Women on the go are always looking for a trusty pair of shoes that is comfortable, stylish and easy to clean. All of those are rolled into the innovative shoe styles from Rothy’s. Their original line is made out of recycled plastic bottles, but their process makes the material soft and breathable. Rothy’s can be cleaned in the washing machine, helping them last a long time even if you wear them for all your adventures.

Reusable Straws

Single-use plastic straws only get minutes or hours of use before they become trash that is hard to break down. Reusable straws are a stylish solution to the problem of single-use plastic straws, reducing the plastic waste that we throw away. This set comes with a straw cleaner to make sure they stay hygienic after many uses. Purchase at

Recycled Purse

Mother Erth creates gorgeous, upcycled purses out of thrown-away plastics before those items can pollute the earth or oceans. The bags are made by artisan moms in the Philippines, boosting their earning potential while creating a gorgeous statement piece. Sturdy, beautiful and eco-friendly!

Bee’s Wrap

Many of us use some form of plastic or metal wrap to seal bowls, wrap sandwiches and cover half-used bread or fruit. We’ve felt a sense of the waste when this nearly-unused material goes in the trash after the food is eaten. Bee’s Wrap works to solve this problem: a sturdy piece of cloth covered in naturally-antibacterial beeswax, it replaces plastic wrap and foil as a cover for bowls and other items. When you cover a bowl with it and hold down the edges, the beeswax naturally clings to the container without leaving a residue upon removal. It works for up to a year, which means it can replace dozens of pieces of disposable wrap.

Reusable Grocery Bag

Carrying reusable bags to the grocery store helps cut down on the amount of plastic waste, and none are as stylish and secure as these adorable zip-up grocery bags. Made of thin, strong material, they can tuck into a pocket or purse, and be pulled out to carry your purchases. Purchase at


Reusable Swedish Dish Towel

These reusable replacements for your standard paper towel are all the rage. They can be washed and reused rather than thrown away, and they double as dishcloths. The towels also come in adorable designs and are quick to dry, making them a must-have for wiping up messes and cleaning dishes alike. Best of all, they are made of natural cellulose and cotton and can be composted in your backyard composter! Available at