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Steve Perkins Helps Others Uncover Their True Career Passions with an Authentic, Customized Method

Steve Perkins had a great job with a Fortune 500 company surrounded by benefits and opportunities. Despite that, like so many of us, he felt stuck and uncertain about where he fits in his career. The problem was Steve couldn’t figure out what he was good at or enjoyed doing, let alone how to translate that into a job. With a mechanical engineering degree and experience in the field, Steve created a process to find the ideal career path. “I started testing it out, and it worked for myself and some friends, too,” Steve says. “So, I kept refining it over the next few years as I began coaching people in their careers, and eventually became certified as a Professional Leadership Coach when I saw how much more effective coaching is than other approaches to growth and development.” Steve named his process the Greenhouse Method and set out to innovate a new way for more people to benefit from coaching and the Greenhouse Method.

The Greenhouse Method started as an app and eventually became an online membership community based on a simple three-step coaching process:  find it, change it, and grow it. Steve's exclusive coaching method leaves discouraged clients satisfied in life and work. It's based on the idea that understanding your Career Sweetspot is the seed that leads to a more fulfilling career and impactful life. It applies to individuals feeling stuck and teams sensing the need to level up their leadership. "Many of us have great intentions but are stuck not taking action because we don't know where to start, and we feel overwhelmed," Steve says. "Finding your Career Sweetspot is the key to getting unstuck, and the structure of coaching brings it to life in a custom-fit way to you, gets you over the hump, and is the only tool custom-fit to you." Steve encourages those trying to level up at work or seeking more purpose to check out Greenhouse Coaching services.

Greenhouse'r, Joe, described his experience:

I heard about the Career Sweetspot workshop at Greenhouse Coaching and had no idea what to expect, but I decided to join. During that workshop, I began to see how all these things I loved and was good at started to fit together. Three-and-a-half years later, I am still refining my career sweetspot, but I wake up almost every day stoked that I get to do something that makes me feel fully alive.

Sessions can be scheduled monthly or bi-weekly, depending on membership level. With various topics from finding that Career Sweetspot, landing the ideal job, starting a dream business, growing as a people leader, getting organized and focused on productivity, overcoming burnout, and growing in confidence, people can choose one-on-one coaching, autonomous digital courses, or coaching and workshops for a team at work. People often select Greenhouse Coaching over similar services because they are refreshingly real and easy to talk to.

To reach a wider audience, Steve started a podcast, Career Sweetspot, to provide tips and sensible steps regarding work, leadership, and life. "Most of us are operating at a fraction of what we're capable of, but the growth and leadership content out there is so heavy, academic, or impractical," Steve explains, "I wanted something more realistic, so Career Sweetspot was created as a fun and energetic conversation about leadership, life, and business." Career Sweetspot is relatable and entertaining while providing advice and ideas that truly work. Along with Greenhouse's Head of Coaching, Sundie Marquardt, Steve's top goal is to help listeners clarify their sweet spot, figure out their next steps, grow in leadership, and stay focused on what matters. “Really, at the end of the day, I just want people to live more fully alive and experience the career clarity and fulfillment we and the people we work with have experienced,” Steve says.

To learn more about Greenhouse Coaching and listen to their podcast, Career Sweetspot, visit:


"I had always dreamed of building a company, so I left corporate America to launch Greenhouse Coaching to help individuals and teams step into their true potential." - Steve Perkins

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