Gregg Palmer

If you have lived in Grand Junction for any length of time, you’ve most likely heard the name, Gregg Palmer. As a former City Council member, former Mayor, active member of the downtown community and partner in Brown’s Shoe Fit Company, Palmer’s ties to Grand Junction are nothing short of extraordinary.

Palmer came to Grand Junction in 1980 as an opening partner of Brown’s Shoe Fit Company. What started out as a local shoe shop in Durango, CO has now grown to five thriving locations. One of which is a staple retailer of our very own Main Street. The shoe store sparked Palmer’s love for our downtown community. He explained how unique it is for a town to have such a strong downtown community the way ours does. From amazing services, shops and restaurants, there is something for everyone within these few downtown blocks, that truly hold the heart of Grand Junction. 

It was because of Palmer’s excitement for the growing downtown businesses that inspired him to become a city council member and eventually serve as mayor of Grand Junction. Palmer recounted his time on city council and as mayor, noting his favorite part was how community members often came to connect with him at Brown’s directly. This really gave him the ability to connect with community members and allow them to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. 

Even years after his time in city government, Mr. Palmer is still incredibly active in the community. Despite his growing store of Main Street, Gregg still finds time to volunteer with the Lions Club, advocate and support his fellow downtown community members, and watch his grandkids grow up. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer also stay very active with their grandchildren’s Little League games, which Mrs. Palmer serves as the district administrator.

With so much history between Palmer and the Grand Junction community, it is no secret that this town hold a special place in his heart. He encourages everyone to continue to shop local and support our downtown commerce; as the owners and employees of these businesses truly are our friends, our neighbors and our family.

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