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Tame the Beast Redefines Men's Personal Care Products

Green Hills resident John Cascarano, founder and owner of Tame The Beast, is forward-thinking about grooming products specifically for males. He's committed to creating men's styling products with arousing scents and energizing properties, completely made in the USA.

In 2015, John launched an online retail beauty brands company, which led to his interest in understanding how such products were made. Because he says guys have physically thicker skin than women, men want products with "tingly sensations." So, he first combined eucalyptus, green tea, menthol and other ingredients.

"Ideas came to me once I had children and was approaching early middle age about what I could improve in my life. Guys are always chasing buzzes—coffee, sex, the gym. I realized there are only a few places where guys can let down their guard and really relax, and one of them is in the shower," John says.

He eventually created what he called "Tame the Beast" body wash. By mid-2016, he began selling it on Amazon. And by the end of 2016, he started selling from his own website,, while diversifying into shampoo, conditioner and shaving products.

"There was a disparity between the number of products for men and women, and men like simplicity. A few years ago, men were starting to think more about using anti-aging products. So I wanted to give guys a product that wakes them up and helps them recharge," John says.

The recent popularity of beards pushed more men in the direction of needing styling products, John reflects.

"Ironically, beards made men think more like women."

John says men started understanding and caring about hair frizz, leave-in conditioners, smoothing agents and oils.

"Men made the push toward products and grooming routines," he adds.

Tame the Beast products currently are grouped with items for men's showers, shaves, styles, beards and skin. The style products include a beard brush, hair paste and hair gel. The skin care product line ranges from an anti-aging face serum, green tea lotion, exfoliating face wash and Beast Buddy moisturizer.

But it's the new Nutt Butter that often first catches people's attention.

John says what started more as a joke really has taken off in serious popularity.

"Nutt Butter is the first-ever multipurpose and antifriction lotion for men's 'boys,' featuring an exhilarating eucalyptus tingle. More men are discovering better living through buttered nutts!"

Tame the Beast shower products consist of ginseng shampoo, caffeine conditioner, body lather and body wash.

John's beard and shaving products contain light musk wash, preshave oil, mint beard oil, organic beard oil, balm, shaving soap, shave cream, aftershave and even a travel kit.

Tame the Beast buyers are typically men in their late 20s to 40s, John says.

"They care about masculine products, bigger-than-girlie sizes of bottles and want something in between Axe and Old Spice."

He says he's steadily adjusted the intensity of his products, based on customers' feedback. His products currently are "mixed and brewed" in a Dallas-based lab, however, all of the packaging and fulfillment occurs locally in the Nashville area.

Another Music City infusion to the product line is Nashville native actor and composer Jay Wilkison, who serves as an entertaining and convincing spokesperson for Tame the Best products.

Right now, John is launching new invigorating products, such as Beast butter shaving cream, just in time for including in Beast Box gift sets prior to the holiday season.

"Our products are perfect gifts for guys sick of ties, gadgets and barbecue aprons," John says.

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