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You Can Grow Your Own Way

Count on John Hill Construction, Generation After Generation

Article by Nicole Browning

Photography by Matthew J Capps

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Your home is so much more than just a house—it’s a place for your family to gather, a place to feel safe and comfortable. When it comes to construction and remodeling, you want someone you can trust with your space, someone within your community who has your best interests at heart, and can grow with you and your family. Enter John Hill Construction, a home-grown Loveland custom home builder and remodeler. He’s your guy. He and his team.

It’s easy to see how dedicated and devoted John Hill is to the city of Loveland. One of 11, born and raised on a parcel of land that was home to not only all of his siblings, but also cows, chickens and sometimes pigs, John’s own brothers played a leading role in his construction beginnings. “Looking back, what got me into the industry was one of my brothers and my brother-in-law—two of the finest carpenters in the region,” smiles John. “I was the little brother that ran around behind them. I wouldn’t have had the good start I had if it weren’t for my older siblings.”

No surprise, after finding a home in construction from his own family, John has passed the torch on to his own son, bringing in a new generation to advance the business. Up until his son Benjamin started, John’s construction company had been a one-man show. “Ben had always been a hard-working laborer for me in the summers, but his junior year of college, he wasn’t quite sure where he wanted to go next.” The next logical step, when Ben expressed an interest in the family business, was bringing him onboard. Now, they’re not only father and son, but business partners—Benjamin has proved himself to be someone whom John can hand the reins to when the time comes to step back. Now John’s son-in-law, Adam Arnett, has joined the team, making it a full family biz. 

But John’s growth isn’t limited to his own family. As his clients’ needs expanded, he’s proven time and again that his company is the one for the job. John estimates that 1 in 5 clients are repeat customers. “We’re currently finishing a home for a client building their dream home. We also built their starter home, the house where they raised their kids, 18 years ago,” explaining that this family’s story isn’t out of the ordinary. “We have a lot of clients where we’ve done work for parents, then we’ve done work for their kids. We were there for them, and there again for their children when the time came to work on their children’s homes.”

In truly fated fashion, maybe one of the sweetest builds John has done was back on that parcel of land where he grew up—a new couple purchased the land from his family in 2008. “We built a home for them in what used to be the field for the cows,” he laughs, and it didn’t end there. “Later came a finished basement, followed a few years later by a detached barn, and finally a few years ago, a carriage house. They’ve loved and cared for that property in a way that makes me proud.”

Whether being asked to return for an addition on a previous build or to refinish a basement, John Hill and his team pride themselves on always bringing phenomenal, reliable work to the table. “The trust that’s given to us by people—with their homes—we take that very seriously. We take it to heart,” John states candidly. “And when we’re asked back, that means the world to us. That’s really what’s key to us.” | 123 S. Second St, Loveland | 513.677.8991

We’re really blessed to have strong relationships with our clients—we want them to think of us when the next thing comes up. We’ve kind of won that position in their minds for the work that we’ve done in the past.

  • John Hill and His Team
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  • Photo provided. John’s family’s original property, now with a new home
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  • Renovated Lower Level

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