Thanksgiving Reads That Lead To A More Appreciative, Thoughtful Life

The Thank-You Project

By Nancy Davis Kho

Nancy Davis Kho sets upon the task of writing 50 thank you letters to those that impacted her life. Part how-to, part memoir, Kho offers the strategies to write the perfect note to specific influences in our lives. She leads the reader in brainstorming to whom to write, what components to include in the letters, and which letters to leave unsent. Kho also chronicles the ways in which the letters have increased her own happiness.

A Man Called Ove

By Fredrik Backman

Ove is the quintessential grumpy old man who misses his late wife so badly he can hardly bear it. One November morning leads to a chance meeting with the new young family next door and has the ability to uproot his future. Through hilarious, frustrating situations, this family sparks a life of appreciation and abundance for Ove. Backman’s account of Ove’s transformation will leave readers grateful for their own chance meetings that lead to fuller lives.

The Anthropocene Reviewed

By John Green

Bestselling young adult author John Green sets out to rate things from the Anthropocene period, the current geological epoch during which human interaction with the environment has been the dominant factor in the earth’s environment.  Green’s thoughtfully worded essays on human experience provide a glimpse into our humanity. His ratings (Sunsets - 5 stars, Canada Geese - 2 stars) will have readers viewing their world with wonder and thoughtfulness.

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