Humble Home Designs Remodels A Guest Bathroom

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Humble Home Designs

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

As often is the case with interior design, one statement piece can dictate the entire project. It can be something as simple as a paint color, a light fixture, or even a bathtub. This was the case for Humble Home Designs on a recent bathroom remodel in Celina. 

Humble Home Designs, owned by Trisha Puente, had one job from the client, to update the guest bathroom and add a bathtub. An unassuming, ordinary remodel ultimately becoming one of the company’s favorite projects to date. 

Trisha notes, “The client bought a house without any bathtubs in the bathrooms. She didn’t think much of it until her daughter developed a form of Arthritis and needed the medicinal benefits of soaking in a tub.” After finding the right tub, the entire remodel centered around it. Trisha continued, “It is a 67-inch-long freestanding soaking tub, and truly a showstopper with its structure and beauty.”

One challenge with this remodel was matching the guest room décor to the bathroom. The room is a mix of Texas Country with Saltillo tiles on the floor. Matching the Saltillo tiles was not easy, and Trisha knew she had to update the look by mixing traditional patterns with modern tiles to go with the overall feel of the home. 

The client desired Trisha’s creativity with the bathroom decor so Trisha guided her client through the entire process. “The navy color scheme and the shower fixtures really make the tub pop,” Trisha said. “It turned an outdated bathroom into something beautiful and stylish, but practical.” 

Although the bathroom looks completely different and brand new, Trisha’s team kept the existing light fixture and vanity. This is helpful when trying to stay on budget, according to Trisha, as a remodel does not mean you have to get rid of everything but rather focus on signature pieces, or a particular wallpaper or color.

Lastly, the clients wanted to move a wall back, plus change the entrance to the room. The original door entry was enclosed turning a hall closet into a guest suite entry. This process isn’t as easy as it looks on popular do-it-yourself television shows as there is always a potential for surprises. For this project, Trisha’s team had to rework electrical in the ceiling and add beams for support. 

But that arduous task created a charming niche that truly gives the bathroom additional personality. Trisha also found unique bath linens further complimenting the overall appearance, and the client placed a small table at the entrance completing the look.

Once again, Trisha Puente and Humble Home Designs created an unexpected masterpiece. She proved that a “humble” bathroom remodel with great design, an eye-catching fixture, and creativity can produce an amazing transformation. 

Reach Trisha Puente of Humble Home Designs at 214.934.9012

The bathtub is a 67-inch-long freestanding soaking tub and truly a showstopper with its structure and beauty. When delivered it looked overwhelming and too much for the size of the room but fit perfectly creating the entire ambiance of the decor.

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