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Exploring Guisinger Cocktails

City Park and Feed & Folly owners present Guisinger Cocktail Club, Fayetteville Square's new gem!

“Verde Margarita” – Local twist with authentic Tomatillo Salsa

“Vesper” – Bestselling martini

“Grassping at Straws”

Lemongrass Vanilla Syrup 

1 cup    Lemongrass stalks (cleaned, beat, chopped)

1 cup    Cane Sugar

2 cups   Hot Water 

0.5 oz   Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

·       Peel lemongrass outer layers, rinse, beat with mallet, chop

·       Blend Lemongrass, Cane Sugar, Water

·       Strain finely, bottle, refrigerate ~week

Clarified Milk Punch 

6 oz      Chili Infused Blanco Tequila 

4 oz      Lemongrass-Vanilla Syrup

3 oz      Clement Rhum Agricole Blanc

3 oz      Lime Juice

0.5 oz  Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters

0.5 oz  Coconut Cream

2 oz      Whole Milk

·       Combine all but milk

·       Funnel milk into separate container

·       Funnel mixture into milk – pour against container’s side

·       Cover, freeze 3 hours

·       With strainer and coffee filter, strain, removing milk curds

·       In new container, strain, covered, 3-4 hours

·       Serve over ice with sweet drop pepper

·      Yields 4

  • Verde Margarita - Left, Vesper (Martini) - Center