Temperature, Technology, and Tap 

5 tips for designing a place to call his own

Planning is everything  

Before you get started building space for the guys, it is crucial to have a solid plan in place for the things that are important to see in the room. 

How much time do you usually spend at home? Will the space have multiple functions? Will the space be shared with children? Will you include a working space? All of these questions are vital to planning the space of your dreams.

Consult with a professional 

It’s best to get a professional opinion before you get started on the actual building of your man space. A designer can help you create a unique and functional space for your needs. They’ll tell you if something is even possible, which is especially important if you want some extra unusual features in the final space. 

Even if you have an idea of what you want, getting expert advice throughout the process is still essential. A designer can take your ideas and wants to the next level of impact and make suggestions that you may not have dreamed of. This way, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about proceeding with your design. 

Create a jaw-dropping entryway 

Make sure the entryway is different and has its own style. A secret door can be a fun way to separate the space from the rest of the house. You can create a brick wall with dark atmosphere lighting if you are entering a basement. The separation of styles from everyday function to masculine luxury can be accomplished with paint colors. 

If you have a separate entryway, make sure it reflects the rest of your planned space. If not, look for interesting decorating pieces inside the actual room that can tie everything together.

Furniture flow 

There are typical design rules for furniture layout and placement, yet there are no rules in a man cave. Plush velvet, leather chairs, zebra rugs, a bar counter covered in gunmetal... no rules apply if it is what brings him joy. The key to the selections is making sure you stay within the means. It is easy to invest too much money and not get a return on it when it's time to sell. Getting the right TV, how many TVs, where to position them if gaming or entertaining is coming into play - all these concerns should be outlined in your planning stage for a better result. 

Temperature, technology, and tap 

Music, lighting, surround sound, and what’s on tap. You are creating a retreat at home. What do you stock and keep fresh? If you consider placing mirror behind a beverage area, it can create the illusion of looking larger. If you insert back wall lighting, it can evoke the feeling of a favorite bar you might like to visit. 

See more design ideas here:

You can do many things with a spare bedroom or an unfinished basement. If you’re creative and dedicated, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure that whatever you choose fits your needs and lifestyle.

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