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OG Buffalo Wings from Oak & Stone

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Favorite Guy-Go-To Eateries

Raising a gentleman's glass to local food & drink destinations


BrewBurger’s Back Porch 'Widow Maker'

A half-pound burger topped with bacon, ham, pulled pork, chili, and American cheese. 545 S Tamiami Trail, Venice |


Irma’s Tacos Craft Beer & Tequila Bar 

Irma's offers a variety of street and ethnic tacos specially crafted by Chef Mike Leopold, along with craft beer and tequilas from around the world!  12221 Mercado Drive, Wellen Park |


Oak & Stone Wings

O&S wings are slow roasted in the stone oven, then tossed with one of six signature sauces. Shown here: OG Buffalo Wings served with bleu cheese crumbles, green onions, and ginger honey mustard. 19795 Wellen Park Blvd., Wellen Park |


3 Bridges Brewing

Enjoy a mouthwatering Bridge Burger (smashed) and tots. Pair it with a seasonal brew1765 S. Tamiami Drive, Venice |


Eat & Drink at The British Open Pub

The BOP features 20 beers on draught and more than 330 whiskies to go with menu items that include Fish & Chips and Prime Rib. 367 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice |

  • OG Buffalo Wings from Oak & Stone
  • BrewBurger’s 'Widow Maker'
  • Irma’s Tacos
  • Oak & Stone Caprese pizza
  • 3 Bridge’s Bridge Burger
  • British Open Pub
  • Jodi Rall

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