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H-MD Medical Spa

Services Address More Than Just 'Looks'

For many of us, our top goals for the New Year often include looking and feeling our best.

The providers and staff at H-MD Medical Spa are ready to help you meet—or exceed—your wellness goals, including facial aesthetics, body contouring, hormone replacement therapy and much more.

H-MD founder, owner, and medical director Jennie Hunnewell, M.D., completed specialized fellowship trainings in neuro-ophthalmology and at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1997, Orbital Surgery at the Wilmer Eye Institute in 1997, Refractive/Advanced Anterior Segment at Britton Vision Associates, Oculoplastics/Laser Surgery with Dr. Sterling Baker in 2001, and Age Management Medicine at Cenegenics Medical Institute in 2007. 

She founded H-MD Medical Spa in 2012, where she continues to serve as medical director and consults with patients.

H-MD Medical Spa offers a wide range of treatment options that fall into four main categories:

1.       Injectables. This includes a variety of treatment options to help slow and reverse the external signs of aging such as neurotoxins, injectable fillers, PRP injections (Platelet Rich Plasma), Micro-needling, and more.

2.       Esthetics. Esthetic treatments include services such as chemical peels, feel-good facials, hydrafacials, and microdermabrasion.  Laser treatments range from laser hair removal, to intense pulse light therapy (photofacial), to CO2 ablative lasers, and RF microneedling.  RF microneedling is one of H-MD’s newest technologies and utilizes radio frequency to help stimulate collagen and elastin production at a deeper, more structural level. 

3.       Optimal Health Services. Our Optimal Health Providers specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy including thyroid treatment, medical weight loss options, and sexual health and wellness. This includes vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments and other options for both men and women. 

4.       Body Contouring. The options for body contouring include Cool Sculpting Elite and Kybella for permanent fat removal and to reduce inches and QWO and injectable fillers to treat stubborn cellulite, address hip dips and enhance areas like the buttocks. H-MD also offers Cool Tone, a unique treatment that is FDA-approved to treat stomach, buttocks and thighs by using electromagnetic therapy to build and tone muscle–an alternative to personal training sessions.

Additionally, H-MD offers a wide range of medical-grade skincare and supplements to help their patients maintain and boost their results year-round.  This includes a number of products specifically formulated by H-MD that Dr. Hunnewell describes as extremely affordable and with “a greater bioavailability than what you might purchase at a drug store to ensure absorption.”

While most people associate medical spas with helping individuals look better on the outside, patients come to H-MD with a broad range of personal goals.

“Of course, we all enjoy looking younger, but I would say that ‘looks’ aren’t the primary motivation for the majority of our patients,” Hunnewell says.

“It’s important to remember that the skin is our largest organ. Someone with extremely dry skin may experience discomfort in the colder months. People dealing with acne often have a lot of physical pain associated with cysts and breakouts. How we look affects how we feel; it’s really that simple.

“It all goes back to mental health,” she adds. “And many of the services we offer are also popular simply for the convenience they afford. A busy, working single mom may not have time to shave her legs every day, so laser hair removal can help her eliminate a time-consuming daily chore. If someone starts their journey of clinical skincare and is able to eliminate the need to use heavy makeup to cover skin issues, they have saved time and, most importantly, they feel like the best version of themselves.”

On their initial visit to H-MD, all patients undergo a thorough consultation.

“Regardless of the department, our staff is great at explaining the different options/procedures and setting appropriate expectations,” Hunnewell said.

“We also have an awesome feature on our ‘before and after’ page of our website where patients can search not only by treatment, but by gender, age, skin type, and brand. This allows patients to explore treatment options they may not be familiar with.” 

Although there are many facilities in the metro that offer one or more of the services offered at H-MD, Hunnewell said they pride themselves on their patient-centric and full-service approach.  This involves staying current on the newest education, technology and treatment techniques.  H-MD also fosters a collaborative approach between providers and departments to ensure patients are given the best options to address their concerns based on the over 100 years of combined medical and aesthetic experience in office. 

“Education is a top priority in our office,” she said. “Our entire staff are constantly striving to share knowledge, consult with other providers across departments, and so on, to give our patients the best experience possible.  From our patient coordinators to the providers in the back, everyone in our office is equipped to help the patient feel informed and confident in the treatment options they choose.”

H-MD does not accept insurance in office; however, they offer payment plans through Care Credit and Cherry.

And their name? “Well, Hunnewell is kind of long and hard to spell, so H-MD was born,” Hunnewell explains with a chuckle.

H-MD Medical Spa

5101 W. Memorial Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73142


H-MD Medical Spa

5101 W. Memorial Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73142


“Of course, we all enjoy looking younger, but I would say that ‘looks’ aren’t the primary motivation for the majority of our patients,” Hunnewell says.

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