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Hack Your Wellness

As we shift in from winter to spring you can feel the energy change, there is a buzz about town, people are gleefully enjoying the sunshine by the river or indulging in all of the outdoor gorgeousness that Colorado has to offer. One of my favorite things about living here is the distinction between the 4 seasons and the shifts they bring. We are lucky to be thriving in a town that has maintained as much “normalcy” as possible in a time like this and these are my top five hacks for your springtime wellness as a woman. These aren’t your typical eat more fruits and veggies, move everyday kind of hacks. That is all very important and highly recommended too, however these are lifestyle hacks that will really help your day to day life and the rest will take care of itself. 

  1. Before stepping out into the world connect with yourself on a deep level. Wellness begins inside of us, and I truly believe the key to your true wellness is inside of you, only you have all of the answers of how to best approach your personal wellness. You can always tap into yourself first on everything...what is the most nourishing thing I can eat at this moment? What movement gives me joy? I'm feeling pain in my body, where did that stem from? If you tap into your intuition you will have all of the answers to the questions of your life. Take a deep breath, feel your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. You’ve got this. 
  2. Love yourself more TODAY! Don’t wait another second!! Have you ever tried looking at yourself eye to eye in the mirror and really giving yourself an amazing, uplifting, compassionate, ooey gooey self love talk? I did this everyday for a week and it changed my life. I feel more empowered, a deeper connection, and more in love with myself as a whole. And I even maybe thought gosh darn it I’m beautiful! (really I am a quirky acquired taste, but hey there’s beauty in that too). You can also do this in the shower, share love and gratitude to each part of your body. 
  3. Build an incredible community of other women around you. When we are surrounded by like minded, healthy people, we become that too, you are what you consume, in friendships, relationships, food, programs, music….you get the point. Consume the things that bring you Joy, although I don’t recommend eating your friends because finding good friends is hard! This includes supporting women run wellness businesses! In Northern Colorado we are spoiled to have AMAZING women run wellness businesses from float tanks to women’s wellness focused acupuncture. Connecting with them is a great way to start your journey in building that community.  Join a group, whether it's a yoga class or a women in business leadership, these are great ways to connect, learn and grow. 
  4. Practice Self Forgiveness.This is a true game changer. I started self forgiving a few years ago, and It really helped me move on, feel better, and get over a load of things I was carrying around with me for no reason just because I didn’t forgive myself or someone else didn’t forgive me. So how do you do this? I start by connecting to my heart, and saying “ I forgive myself for the misbelief that...because the truth is…” What a powerful thing to do/ say! My forgiveness is generally around worthiness, not sure if you can relate, but yes I forgive myself for the misbelief that I am not worthy of writing this article, when the truth is all I am doing is writing from my experience and things that have worked really well for me. See that was freeing. I forgive myself for the misbelief that I have to do everything the right way, when the truth is there is no “right way” to do anything, we are all just winging it in one way or another. Now you try it! Forgive yourself for three things. I write this down daily in my forgiveness journal. 
  5. Choose yourself first! Yes you can. You are 100% allowed to choose yourself first! In fact it’d better for everyone if you do! As women we are really put into this beautiful box of giving. Giving to everyone else first but ourselves, which as we know is a little backwards. Remember flying on airplanes and how they say to put on your mask first before helping others, well if you ain’t breathing you ain’t helping anyone! Filling your cup first has a huge impact on the world around you. You will see how other people around you change  and feel more at ease because they feel like they are receiving from a full cup instead of half or empty one. Don't know where to begin? Try something new, put on your favorite tune and shake that booty in front of the mirror, even just to connect to your own sensuality.

Now I realize these hacks are also not new. Our narrative as a collective is starting to shift into changing our mindsets, tuning into our intuition and stepping into the highest version of who we are. These hacks work. They will change your life in wonderful ways. 

If you are looking for more support connect with Amelia through Instagram @almrolfing