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PDRTX Auto Hail Repair Is A Notch Above

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Nicole Wierick

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Texas is no stranger to hail storms, but it’s a rarity in New York. Despite twenty plus years’ experience in the automotive business, a freak hail storm in New York introduced Jessie Cintron to hail damage repair. After adding this to his skill set, he and his business partners decided to educate people all over the world on hail damage repair.

After traveling the world, in 2018, Jessie Cintron, Joey Castaneda, and Jose Andino, “The Triple J’s”, decided to relocate to Texas. Celina to be exact. They aspired to be the pioneers of paintless dent removal (PDR) and hail damage repair, consequently opening PDRTX in Celina. At the time, there were no other businesses in the area with these specialties. 

The group has been in the PDR business for almost twenty years. They come from various automotive backgrounds servicing fleet vehicles and auto dealerships, owning their own shop during that time. Like many from New York, the group relocated to Texas choosing Celina because they knew it was a prime growth location for customers. More importantly, they loved the communities of Celina and Prosper realizing it would be a good place to raise their families. 

PDRTX has served the people of North Texas for over six years.  Jessie Cintron believes it is their quality that makes a difference. “We lead with quality,” he says. “We come from the automotive side. We go the extra mile, like how we work with insurance companies to get claims approved quickly but still focusing on quality,” Jessie continued. He believes it is the reason people will drive from Sherman or over an hour from South Dallas for their service. 

When it comes to hail damage, Jessie always advises customers to fix their car. He understands you don’t want the insurance aggravation, but suppose the last storm caused $8,000 in damage reducing the value of your car. Expect your car to get hit again with more hail, a likely scenario in Texas. The insurance company could total your vehicle at that point, creating a greater burden than the original damage.

The adage, “You get what you pay for” is true with hail damage. PDRTX informs customers of their best economic options whether that’s saving a deductible or working with the insurance company to write a good claim, the right way. “Our brand is professional, cutting-edge, and 5-Star, not some fly-by off the street,” states Jessie. He continues, “We are family-oriented and trustworthy. We live here and want our customers to be happy. We don’t cut corners.”

In addition to paintless dent removal, PDRTX opened a secondary shop that provides PPF paint protection film. PPF is a layer of film protecting a car from harmful ultraviolet rays. PPF self-heals the paint from the sun or scratches from a car wash, while defending the paint from rock chips due to construction. PPF can make “stealth” changes too, such as swapping paint from shiny to matte. Finally, PPF creates a ceramic coating making the paint look new, plus its hydrophobic causing water to fall right off the paint. 

PDRTX opened the supplementary shop because most damaged cars need it. Keeping jobs in house avoids subcontracting the service and allows controlling the quality of work. “We do our own body work and paint, ensuring our work is completed in a timely manner with excellent service,” Jessie explains.  

Customer service is a top priority as exhibited via the sophisticated showroom providing great WIFI and espresso coffee, or with their readily available loaner cars. They’ll even bring the loaner directly to you anywhere within 1½ hours from Celina! As a bonus, PDRTX fully details your car upon finished service.

It is important to note that PDRTX does more than paint dent repair, hail damage repair, and paint protection film. Jessie notes, “Anything car related we can do. We do headlight restoration, headlight tint, and minor door dings.” He notes most minor dings or dents can be fixed while you wait without paint. Lastly, PDRTX replaces a very common problem in a growing community like Celina, cracked windshield and auto glass repair. 

As mentioned, PDRTX uses modern, cutting-edge technology to service cars. Electric vehicle (EV) owners, PDRTX is the place for you! Most likely, the shop has repaired the most Teslas and other EV’s in the DFW area due to the hybrid certification. The shop understands how to power down the voltage on the cars plus work around high voltage cables. They also have two charging stations and will service any EV car like Rivian, not just Teslas.

The owners of PDRTX are proud to be a part of the Celina, Prosper, and North Texas communities. Jessie Cintron and his partners may be from New York, but they genuinely love the people. “There are so many great people with great hospitality in this community.  We are happy to help educate on how to handle hail damage and provide other services,” Jessie asserts. “Like us, there are many transplants who have never been hit with hail nor know what to do about it. We love Texas. We have the same beliefs and lifestyle. ‘The Triple J’s' have family, including twelve kids between us, that live in the same neighborhood and go to the same church,” he exclaims.  “This is our home.” 

PDRTX may not be from Texas, but they got here as fast as they could. All to our benefit and gain. Visit the PDRTX showroom today.

1922 Choate Pkwy Suite 140, Celina


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