Hair Trends for Men

Discover Your Ideal Style with Suggestions from Joe Bae Salon

Joe Bae Salon is a boutique hair salon that provides haircuts, styling and specialties for men and women. The salon has a wide array of male clients and believes that looks are based on the type of work they do, the style of clothing they wear and how they hold themselves.

Owner Joe Bae wants to provide versatility for his clients, many of whom want to wear the same style at work and after work so they can enjoy an evening out with coworkers or friends.


Haircut: Natural Pompadour 

Hair Type: Medium to thicker density, medium to coarse texture 

Hair Length: Short to medium

Style/What to Ask For: Shape your hair into whichever direction you want it to go. Texture spray is helpful to add grit to the style. Make sure to dry it fully before adding any hold products. Spread holding paste thoroughly onto the palms of your hands and start from the back into the “guts” of your hair. Have the barber leave enough length for you to style it back or to a specific side. If you choose to go with a side sweep, you might want to ask for the side that has to reach the farthest to be left a little longer.


Haircut: Controlled Chaos  

Hair Type: All types 

Hair Length: Short 

Style/What to Ask For: This style is more of a connected look throughout the sides, so make sure to ask to blend the sides into the top. A brush is not needed for this, but using a blow dryer to lift the hair up and back will add some volume. Spread holding paste onto your palms as well as your fingers. Ask to leave the top a little longer so there is something to work with. 


Name of Haircut: Modern Classic Combover        

Hair Type: Medium to thicker density. Any texture  

Hair Length: Short to medium 

Style/What to Ask For: Using a blow dryer, make sure to separate the part line from the top directing the nozzle down to the side of the part and up for the top of the part. The top can be styled using a brush while drying to scoop up on the hair toward the side. The sides can be faded/tapered to any length for this style. The top should stay long enough to push it over to a combover style. Whatever side the part is on, the top should be slightly longer on that side to make the reach. 

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