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Medina County's Most Trusted Name in Home Solution Services

Hallmark Home Solutions Celebrates 14 Years of Business

Started in 2006 by Mike Hall, Hallmark Home Solutions has been providing Medina and the surrounding counties with the finest options in windows, doors, metal shingle roofs and closet systems for over 14 years. After working in the window and door industry for 38 years, Mike opened Hallmark to provide what he felt was a better way to serve customers with quality windows and doors. His son, Bryan, came aboard in 2016 and has helped the company expand its services, which includes their metal roofing, interior doors and custom closet systems. 

By adding metal shingle roofing to their services, Hallmark has tapped into a specialty market of roofing that few home renovation companies in the area can offer. Metal shingle roofing is surging in popularity as more aesthetic options have become available. Homeowners now have the ability to choose from styles of metal shingles that imitate materials like slate, tile and wood shakes. When looking at a metal shingle roof from the street, most people would have a difficult time recognizing a roof finished with metal shingles. Metal shingle roofs are also more energy efficient than traditional asphalt roofs.

Although aesthetic is important, the biggest advantage to installing a metal shingle roof on your home is its longevity. It's not uncommon for metal shingle roofs to last for 50 years, which is two to three times longer than an asphalt shingle will last. That reason alone is why Hallmark added metal shingle roofing installation to the services that they provide.

“We want to supply our customers with products that provide longevity with them,” says Bryan. “For instance, we don’t want to sell you a roof that will last 15 years like a typical asphalt shingle does. We want you to buy the last roof your house will need while you live there. And the same thing goes for our windows. We offer our customers a lifetime warranty on our windows as well.”

By offering a lifetime warranty, Hallmark Home Solutions has created and maintained a solid reputation with local homeowners because they have made that conscious decision to work with products and materials that are meant to last.

When Mike went into business for himself, he knew that if he wanted to be successful and competitive he would need to cut out the middle man or wholesaler. By doing so, he was able to lower the cost of his windows and doors. It also made it much easier to get parts under warranty by going directly to the manufacturer. 

Mike explains his business strategy by saying, “If you go to a wholesaler, you have to buy what they sell. We pick what we sell. Most companies have maybe only one or two window lines and they’re going to come in and tell you why that window is everything you need. We carry multiple manufactures and multiple styles. We have vinyl, wood and aluminum windows. So based on what you are looking for, we can get you the window that fits your needs, not try to simply sell you on what we have.”

It's certainly a strategy that has served him well over the years. Hallmark’s referral and previous customer business accounts for 70% of their sales. Such a high number tells you that people want to do business with Hallmark again and are so pleased with the service and products that they want their friends and family to do business with them as well. 

During our conversation, it was easy for me to see why Hallmark has such a high percentage of referral and repeat business. Mike seemed more comfortable telling me about happy customers than he did telling me about how his business has grown over the years. When making a point about having a window finished the way the customer wants it before it’s even installed (instead of putting the window in and having the customer finish it or paint it afterward), he says, “If they want it painted or stained, we’ll see that it gets done before it’s installed so that when we are done, all they have to do is put the drapes back up.”

No sooner had Mike finished that sentence than Bryan chimed in with: “But if they ask us to, we’ll put the drapes back up for them too!”

With attitudes like that, it’s obvious why Mike and Bryan Hall have made Hallmark Home Solutions the most trusted name in home improvement and restoration services in Medina County and beyond.

For more information about Hallmark Home Solutions, visit or call 1.888.587.8189.