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H&H Custom Homes' Proven Process

This Local Builder's Tried-and-True Method for Maximum Customer Satisfaction and Success

From its roots as a small Amish home-building contractor, H&H Custom Homes has grown to its current role as a leader in the high-quality residential and commercial building market. Based in Loudonville, H&H's focus is on building forever homes and commercial projects for customers who treasure reputation, craftsmanship, reliability and long-term value. Whether you are considering building your dream home or a new commercial office, they stand ready to match your real estate investment with a commitment to high-quality and detailed construction.

H&H has built their reputation on strong client relationships and high-quality construction. Plus, their strong project management and turnkey services take the stress out of any building project. With a can-do attitude, patient customization and seasoned craftsmanship, they deliver what they say they will (and beyond). 

Every one of H&H's projects begins and ends with their proven process. It includes just four steps — dream meeting, scope and collaboration, dream build and key transfer. Here's what each step entails: 

Dream meeting: Meet directly with the H&H team. They want to learn about you and they want you to feel comfortable with them. Most importantly, chat about what you want and they'll discuss what the process of construction will look like.

Scope and collaboration: This is when plans are designed and an estimate is compiled. Throughout this step, your budget will be considered and revisited often. Once you have decided on a plan that suites all of your design and budgetary needs, you will sign a contract and a construction schedule will be established.

Dream build: Watch as the home of your dream takes shape. During this step of H&H's proven process, you will be communicating with your project manager about product and color selections, building development and overall construction updates. 

Key transfer: Your brand new home is complete and it's time for you to move in. Your project manager will hand over the keys to your new build and chat with you about long term home management. 

H&H's proven process has established them as a reputable builder among clients and within the great Northeast Ohio community. After working with H&H, one couple said, "We could not have been more happy. H&H created a beautiful space for us and did so in a highly professional manner. H&H greatly exceeded our expectations and we would/will use them again." (John and Doris via Houzz)

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