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Handmade Pupusas in Old Colorado City

Monse's Pupuseria Delivers a Taste of El Salvadore to the Springs

Have you ever had a pupusa? If you have, your mouth is probably watering. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Either way, you can expect a whole new experience when you visit Monse’s Pupuseria in Old Colorado City.

What is a pupusa? Imagine a thick pancake made of cornmeal stuffed with an array of hearty ingredients, such as cheese, beans, chicken, pork, or beef, with delicious sides of fried plantains and yuca fries.

After moving to Colorado Springs, El Salvador native Monse Hines began making pupusas as a comforting tribute to her former home. However, as her recipes became more and more refined, she began selling her pupusas at local farmer markets and grocery stores. When her recipe grew in popularity, Monse began distributing her pupusas wholesale.

As her dream of sharing her culture through food spiraled into success, Monse knew she wanted to become a permanent part of the community that had impacted her so much, so she and her husband opened the brick-and-mortar pupuseria: Monse’s Taste of El Salvador. The pupuseria has since become a community staple, drawing in locals and tourists alike.

“We are truly in the heart of the city, and Monse is the heart and soul of the pupuseria,” Monse’s husband, Tom, proudly explains.

All made by hand, the pupusas at Monse’s are the very definition of authentic. Fueled by her passion for cooking and a deep-rooted love for her native culture, hand-making pupusas was always more to Monse than just creating a dish. “It’s been an opportunity to share my culture with my community,” Monse beams. 

“You’re not just eating food at this pupuseria, you’re experiencing Monse,” explains Tom. “We are so grateful that the community of Colorado Springs is so supportive of the food industry. Our success has been a prime example of how much this community truly supports diversity and inclusion through different foods.”

Dining at Monse’s is truly a memorable experience because you’re not just eating El Salvadoran food, you’re getting a chance to know Monse. One bite into one of her infamous pupusas will have you coming back to support this local dreamer time and time again.

Facebook + Instagram: @monsespupuseria