Hangin' Ruff

Ruff Canine Club in Richmond is the Ultimate Hangout Spot For Dogs and Dog Owners

When moving to a new city, most people plan to meet people at everyday places like bars, gyms, and local coffee shops. But for Natalie Moore, who moved to Richmond during a pandemic that forced most of these spaces to close, she formed friendships over a glass of wine at her apartment’s outdoor dog park. “It was such an easy way to connect with people,” Natalie says. “I knew dog park bar concepts existed in other cities, and yet couldn’t believe there wasn’t one in Richmond. Inspired by meeting some of my now closest friends, I decided to open Ruff and create a space that dog owners all over the city could enjoy.”

Ruff Canine Club is a private membership dog park and bar dedicated to building community, promoting positive canine ownership, and providing members with excellent activities and services. The club offers a variety of locally made dog treats and provides several birthday party options for dog members and nonmembers. Dog parents have the perks of Wi-Fi access, an extensive food and beverage menu, and monthly events. Dogs must be at least four months old, provide proof of required vaccines, and have a pet profile to become a member at Ruff.

“One of the best things about Ruff is it can be whatever you need it to be,” Natalie says. “We have some dogs that visit once or twice a month and others that visit daily.” Natalie’s two Goldendoodles, Fitzgerald and Poppy, love coming to work with her and hanging out with the other pups. Natalie and the rest of the Ruff members can relax and kick back, knowing their beloved dogs are safe and having fun!

To create a pet profile and explore membership options at Ruff Canine Club, go to:

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