Happily Ever After

Justin and Calie Cook have told the love story of thousands of couples for nine years

     One of the most important decisions a couple will make when planning their wedding is choosing the photographer and videographer. Having timeless photos and a cinematic video that really captures you and your spouse's personality and love will be cherished for years to come, not only by you, but your future children and grandchildren. Justin and Calie Cook, a husband and wife duo, have told the love story of thousands of couples for over nine years. “The business is named after our first daughter, Aurora Adeleigh, that’s her full name but we call her Rory,” Calie shares. “We don’t sub-out our weddings, we don’t have associate photographers, it’s Justin and I. We do it together and it’s a family business. It’s really important to us because our daughter’s name is attached to it and we want to do good by her and we also want to do good by our clients,” says Calie. 

     Justin has a production background from Los Angeles and Calie enjoys screenwriting and telling stories through photography. “We meshed the two together where he does the video and I do the photo storytelling,” says Calie. It’s also important to Justin and Calie to build a relationship with their couples and to have great communication. By doing this, not only do the couples become friends with them, it also makes the wedding day so much more fun and stress free. “We absolutely love what we do, we love weddings, and we love our couples. We try to make it fun and we always tell people, if you don’t like to laugh and have a good time, then don’t book us because we are very personable,” she shares. Calie is always prepared for anything and keeps props on hand in case a bride forgets to bring something. “All I ask is that the bride brings us her invitation, and I even have envelopes if she forgets that. I don’t want them to stress about the details because I have every color of ribbons, ring boxes, and any other detail you can think of,” says Calie. 

     Lately, Calie and Justin have noticed micro weddings becoming a popular trend. “If a couple is not wanting to do something really big but they still want everything covered, a lot of venues now offer micro wedding packages, where most of the time it’s for fifty people or less,” says Calie. With Aurora Adeleigh’s micro wedding package, Justin and Calie do all the photos and video within four hours. It’s just like their original package, just a smaller version. “Believe it or not, we are able to pack all the same things we do in a big wedding into that time. You still get a full gallery, I never give less than a thousand images ever, and still get all the footage just like a regular wedding, it’s just less time. We just went to Tennessee and did a micro wedding and looking at the photos and the video, you’d never know we were there for that amount of time. It’s like we’re there all day, but everything’s compacted and we work really, really fast. We’ve been doing this for so long that everything is stuck in our heads of what we need to capture,” says Calie. 

Follow Justin and Calie on Facebook and Instagram at @auroraadeleigh. If you’d like to talk with Justin and Calie about your wedding, visit their website or call them at (706)504-1665.

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