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Happy Hour Donuts

Local Couple Dreams Big with Gourmet Boozy Donuts

Boozy donuts.

Need I say more? Probably not, but this is one story you don’t want to miss.

About two years ago, Gabby and Ryan Main lost their jobs due to the pandemic. One day soon thereafter, they drove past a well-known chain donut shop. Gabby wanted to stop for a donut, but her husband Ryan wasn’t really feeling it. Tragically, no one had a donut that day.

But wait... 

Luckily, it was the spark of something wonderful. Insistent on satisfying her craving, the next day Gabby got to work making donuts in her own kitchen. What started as a day of donut-making turned into eight months of refining and perfecting something unique and scrumptious.

Have you ever heard of a boozy donut?

“I thought, 'No one does boozy donuts,'” Gabby explains. “I couldn’t get the vision out of my head. Together, Ryan and I had the drive, the vision, the willpower to follow through; all we had to do was perfect the donut.”

So, that’s exactly what they did. 

And then...

Donuteers Gabby and Ryan proudly opened Happy Hour Donuts and began offering delectable boozy donuts with flavors such as Champagne, Strawberry Margarita, Guinness Chocolate, and Maple Bourbon (just to name a few). They make an array of non-alcoholic flavors, as well. Take a peek at their website to explore and dream. 

Anyone can place an order for any occasion through their easy online ordering system.

“We make donuts for weddings and parties, and we frequently do pop-ups around town,” Gabby says. “We love this community, and nothing makes us happier than getting to serve them in such a fun and unique way.”

“We dream of opening our storefront here in Colorado Springs. We would love to share our donuts every day of the week with the amazing community who has helped us build this dream one donut at a time.”

In the meantime, to treat yourself or wow event guests, you can order online through their website or follow them on social media, where they announce their weekly pop-up locations.

Facebook + Instagram: @HappyHourDonuts