Happy Hour with Marjorie

When you think about wine, what comes to mind?

When you think about wine, what comes to mind? Perhaps Happy Hour with friends, a glass with dinner, or even a vacation of vineyards and tasting rooms. To me, wine is all those things, and so much more; wine is my career, my passion, and my hobby. 

Each time I pour a glass of wine, I am transported in my mind to a beautiful vineyard of grapes and vines. I’m horseback riding through vineyards in Argentina, traversing the rocky soil and marveling at the magnificent Andes. Or I’m hiking a steep vineyard in the South of France, mesmerized by the Rhone River and fields of sunflowers and lavender. Sometimes I reminisce about collecting red and green slate in the vineyards of some of Germany’s most famous Riesling producers. 

I hope wine evokes the same feelings of wonder for you. Savor each sip and enjoy with cherished friends and great food. Plan a vacation to your favorite wine region and be prepared to be swept away by the magic of wine. Cheers! 

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