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Happy Music for Working from Home


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Sometimes complete silence is even more distracting than people trying to talk to you. If your work from home atmosphere feels quiet, or if you just need some upbeat music to boost your mood, here are some fun, happy playlists you can find on whatever music streaming service you use.

Mood Booster — Spotify

From Harry Styles to Hozier to Halsey, this playlist is full of current hits with soothing beats and encouraging lyrics.

Feeling Happy — Apple Music

"Happiness isn't always about shouting from the rooftops. Sometimes all you crave is that inner glow of contentment. What follows is a set of gently uplifting pop classics and new tracks for letting the sunlight in."

—Apple Music

Feeling Happy — Amazon Music

Maybe you're not feeling happy right now, but that will change once you spend a few minutes listening to your favorite artists.

Cleaning — Pandora

"Blast Cleaning radio in the background while you clean and you're guaranteed to groove while you clean up that mess like the boss you are!"


Even if you're not cleaning, this station will still give you the motivation you need for whatever task you're working on right now.

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