Harnessing Harmony

Michael Fredrickson's Innovative Natural Horsemanship Techniques for Deepening Connections Between Humans and Horses

Certified horse trainer and horseman Michael Fredrickson has gained widespread recognition for his expertise in teaching the three C's of horsemanship: communication, confidence, and consistency. After making the move from Moscow, Idaho, to Cave Creek, Arizona, Fredrickson has become a sought-after professional in the field, offering transformative experiences for both horses and their human counterparts.

At the core of Fredrickson's approach is natural horsemanship, a certification that reflects his commitment to understanding and fostering a strong bond between horses and humans. His work revolves around teaching individuals to read a horse's cues and establish trust, resulting in remarkable transformations for both equine and human participants.

While Fredrickson does not identify as an equine therapist, his methods have proven to be therapeutic for many people. His philosophy revolves around elevating the horseman to improve the relationship between humans and horses. Putting the horse's well-being first is a fundamental principle in Fredrickson's approach, acknowledging the importance of confidence when working with these prey animals.

"The three C's – confidence, consistency, and communication – form the foundation of my teachings. You can always tell a confident horseman by the way they approach and interact with the horse. It's about finding common ground, reading their body language, and building a relationship based on trust," says Fredrickson.

Witnessing the first encounter between a novice individual and a horse is a particularly enjoyable aspect of Fredrickson's work. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the horse's body language, vocal cues, and overall demeanor to establish a meaningful connection.

Fredrickson has seen numerous transformations in both individuals and horses throughout his career. One remarkable example involves a woman in a volatile relationship who gained confidence and improved her life through the lessons learned from working with horses.

"I had a lady that came to me that was in a very volatile relationship. Through the experience of her gaining confidence and communicating with the horse, she went from where she was in life to becoming a supervisor at her work and really straightened out her relationship with her spouse because of what the horse showed her that she had to deal," Fredrickson shares.

Intertwining with these transformative narratives, Karen Sparks, a horse enthusiast with a lifelong passion, took a significant step in her 50s when she finally bought her first horse. After going through multiple trainers, she found Mike Fredrickson, boarding her horse near his barn. Karen reflects on her experience, stating, "I didn't even get on top of the horse for a few weeks. We started with groundwork."

For Karen Sparks, working with Fredrickson was exactly what she had been searching for. She highlights the importance of establishing a bond with the horse, and through Fredrickson's guidance, she learned "how to be present." This aspect of mindfulness and presence became a crucial part of her journey with horses, emphasizing the depth of the connection forged under Fredrickson's tutelage.

Fredrickson's work isn't limited to individuals – he has also collaborated with groups of kids, including those in youth council organizations. By introducing them to horsemanship, he observed significant positive changes in their behavior and leadership skills.

One such impactful story involves autistic children who, through interaction with horses under Fredrickson's guidance, experienced noticeable improvements in their social skills and emotional well-being. The connection between these children and the horses showcased the therapeutic potential of natural horsemanship.

Reflecting on his motivation, Fredrickson emphasizes his commitment to helping horses with people problems. Having overcome severe health issues, he sees training horses as a calling, focusing on communication and understanding rather than breaking them for specific tasks. His goal is to ensure that horses find suitable partners and create happy, healthy connections.

As for the future, Fredrickson plans to continue offering clinics and individual sessions throughout the year, starting with engagements in January. Fredrickson welcomes those who are genuinely interested in learning and developing a strong bond with their horses. To connect with Michael Fredrickson and inquire about his clinics or sessions, interested individuals can reach out to him via email at hihopesranch@gmail.com.

Fredrickson's dedication to the well-being of horses and the transformative impact of his teachings underscores the importance of fostering positive relationships between humans and these majestic animals. As he continues to share his knowledge, he leaves a lasting imprint on both the horse and human communities, promoting a harmonious and respectful approach to horsemanship. Giddy-up!

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