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Harry's at the Harbor

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Tucked behind a bell tower in the European-style village of Adriatica in McKinney is a hidden gem that's long been a favorite of locals in-the-know. Harry’s at the Harbor, a stone’s throw from Stonebridge Ranch, is a one-of-a-kind dining destination that regulars and newcomers alike call home.

As new owner and professional restaurateur Eddie White says, “You’re not going to find it by just driving by. But once you discover it and experience the atmosphere, friendly service and food, you’ll know this is your place.”

Just follow the cobblestone streets to the community’s Promise Fountain, where a dove carved out of limestone sits atop an altar with an olive branch in its beak. Here, the photos you take will be as enduring as your lakeside dining experience.

“Harry’s is such a cool and unique place—like Cheers with great food,” Eddie says. “Relax on our patio overlooking the harbor, hang out at the bar or choose a cozy corner table. We’re on a first-name basis with almost everyone; it’s truly like going to a friend’s house for dinner.”

Alex Scott, general manager, agrees. “This is where memories are made, glasses are raised and folks gather to enjoy good food in the company of friends. And, of course, you can watch your favorite football game.”

The restaurant’s namesake, now retired, is somewhat of a local legend. Harry Dickhaner, along with his wife Jan, originally opened Harry’s at The Harbor inspired by their German and Czech heritage, a love of sports and spirits and a desire to create an irresistible gathering place for friends and family.

“Often restaurants that are for sale are in need of a lot of fixing. Harry’s was not that,” Eddie says. “Harry did a great job building a great business with excellent food and service. My challenge is to not mess up a menu that our patrons are so passionate about while introducing items that are of the highest quality and expand our customer base.”

Harry’s serves up lunch and dinner daily, as well as Sunday brunch. Whether you’re craving burgers and beer, seafood and salad, or fine wines and filet, there’s something for everyone. Time-tested recipes—like Harry’s famous Rusty Nuts (a unique combination of potatoes, bacon, jalapenos, onions and jack cheese rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown) are rivaled only by the restaurant’s newest creations, which include tuna poke’ with fried avocadoes (poke’ tuna infused with Polynesian-style marinade, served in a lettuce boat with fried avocado and pico de gallo, accompanied by sweet chili sauce and wasabi dressing for dipping)—and that’s just to get you started.

Chef-inspired entrees include everything from the best fish and chips in town to an unforgettable chicken-fried steak; an ever-popular chicken pasta carbonara; crab and shrimp Monaco with Cajun cream sauce; and Blackened Alaskan Salmon and fresh-cut Ribeye, grilled to perfection. Harry’s famous flatbread pizzas are brushed with rosemary and garlic-infused oil, and marinated for 24 hours.

“Our Seared ahi tuna, steak salad and steak portobello sandwich are proving to be newfound favorites—not to mention our bacon egg burgers, gouda burgers and morning-after burgers,” Eddie says. “I am excited about the future because I know that with our food, our team and our casual, laid-back elegance, we will be McKinney’s place to be.”

Harry’s award-winning, multi-level patio allows diners to soak up a spectacular waterfront view while celebrating a special event or sipping wine with a loved one. You can even bring your four-legged friends because McKinney’s “best patio” is also pet-friendly.

The restaurant’s horseshoe-shaped bar offers happy hour drink specials and provides the perfect perch for game-watching on big screen TVs. Enjoy a wide selection of beers, craft cocktails, mixed drinks, and an expanded wine list, too.

“I am proud to be part of the Harry’s family, continuing a tradition of excellence,” Eddie says. “There are lots of places with good food. There are lots of places with nice décor and cool designs. But there is truly only one Harry’s. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just addictive. I invite you to come experience the extraordinary appeal of Harry’s for yourself.”

Enjoy the great new menu and the always beautiful views at Harry's at the Harbor!