Hats Off To Nashville's Custom Hatters

Sanders Hat Company Craftswomen Provide Handmade Hats, Hands-On Classes

Nicole Sanders was working in TV and film when she discovered there was a specific job as a milliner, otherwise known as a hatter. Her curiosity led her to researching and buying all the hat-making equipment she could locate. After training with hat makers, she now produces handmade hats in Nashville that are 100% custom with high-quality beaver, coypu and rabbit felts.

"Whether super bedazzled or delicately refined, we construct hats to match everyone's personal preferences," assures Nicole, founder of Sanders Hat Company.

Meredith Sanders, SHC general manager and co-owner of the Sanders' new business offering, M.A.D.E Nashville (Milliner Atelier Design Experience), helps clients unleash their creativity and immerse themselves into the art of hat development through unique, design parties just launched during July. "We provide hands-on experiences where small groups can create and leave with one-of-a-kind hats, all within our private converted music studio [formerly operated by producer Matthew Rollins] in the heart of Nashville," she adds. "We're the only hatter in Nashville in an exclusive, private space."

The hat classes range from 1.5 to 3 hours each. Meredith says the gatherings are perfect for birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, corporate team building, milestone celebrations or those fun nights out. "Our hats are unisex, so the classes are great for both guys and girls," she adds. 

Both of these artisans are Nashville natives who lived in Italy for a training period so they could provide unforgettable hat design adventures to fellow Nashvillians as well as visitors. 

The custom hats can be accessorized with add-ons that make them even more customized, such as family heirlooms, unique trims, embellishments, personalized monograms or feathers. Those items can be sewn on or tied on to enable future flexibility to match accompanying outfits. 

"I love feeling the energy in the room when someone puts on their custom hat for the first time. Having the opportunity to be creative and take the time to make a different hat every time is what makes me the most happy," affirms Nicole. 

The Sanders' hat studio is near the Sylvan Park neighborhood, conveniently 15 minutes from Broadway Street. 


Nicole Sanders is a one-woman hatter in Nashville who takes great pride in making high-quality bespoke hats. She truly believes hat making is a fine art, and likes to follow traditional fundamentals but with personal touches. Meredith Sanders joins Nicole in a never-ending love of hats, and spearheads new hat-making classes for their business M.A.D.E Nashville (Milliner Atelier Design Experience).

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