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Haute Couture Meets Pop Culture

Dramatic Intrigue and Elevated Surroundings Create Livable Clyde Hill Luxury 

This modern lux home is a reimagining of L.A. sunset style to suit the Northwest design aesthetic. This home and this story are about the dramatic, a blend of luxury and edginess. With the goal of creating a minimalistic, yet modern home with distinctive interiors, designer Laurie Chriest, principal of Laurie Chriest Interior Design, was the obvious choice for this Clyde Hill family. Laurie loves design, but she also really loves how people will enjoy their lives in the space she designs for them. “My intent for this project was to match their passion for the joys of life to their clear vision of a luxurious family home. We created a strong and sturdy foundation, framed in with couture furnishings and capped off with a bold playfulness that simply calls out to be enjoyed and celebrated,” said Laurie. With deep inspiration from the homeowner’s eye for both fashion and pop culture, Chriest had an opportunity to be bold while maintaining a minimalistic sensibility that could truly showcase their interests and wildly sophisticated collections. The neutral and natural design worked in concert with one another and allowed for bursts of dramatic intrigue, color, light, and cutting-edge design. The client’s vision included having their 6,800 sq. foot home be a vibrant entertaining hub for their large extended family and many close friends to gather and enjoy. The gorgeous LUMA dining table, handcrafted in Seattle and installed via crane, is the keystone focal point piece in this home. With its timeless, classic, and architectural design everything else shines around it. The Seattle Design Center’s showrooms played an integral part in this collaborative design process as Laurie unveiled designer lines with international appeal and one-of-a-kind pieces with the highest quality artisanship which were important considerations for her client.

Laurie worked in tandem with Steven D. Smith Custom Homes as one of his last projects before retiring in 2022. Architecture by 4D Architects Inc. Interior design including custom details by Laurie Chriest, Holly Hunt Furniture, Fabrics, and Area Rugs sourced from the Jennifer West Showroom. Luma Design Workshop, John Pomp Lighting, Ochre Lighting sourced from Trammell-Gagné Showroom.