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Lakota Sports Organization Impacts Children + Their Adults

Being a member of a youth sports team introduces the first taste of sweet victory and the heartbreak of defeat. As teammates, we discover what it means to work together toward a goal as find our place on a team, build confidence and begin to unravel the mystery of our place in the world. Coaches inspire us to prepare for the worst and perform at our best. It takes a network of committed volunteers to keep a community youth sports program like the Lakota Sports Organization (LSO) running smoothly: coaches, officials, board members, groundskeepers, sponsors, parents, and players work diligently to bring each season to fruition.

Since 1978, LSO has grown to offer seven sports to our community’s kids of all ages, on a mission to teach game rules, playing techniques, skills and good sportsmanship. The nonprofit organization led by volunteers organizes 350 teams each year, keeping 5,000 local children active and engaged in soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, flag football, rookie rugby, and tennis. LSO offers both recreational and select sports team opportunities for children ages three and up, developing a foundation of skills and a love of sports.

Adult volunteers may say they do it for the kids, but the secret is that they’re making just as many memories and having just as much fun as the athletes are. Learn why five LSO volunteers give their time on the courts and fields with the children of West Chester and Liberty Township. 

Daniel Colpi

Coach, Sponsor, Umpire + Baseball Commissioner

10 years

“Volunteering through LSO is good for my stress level. It gives me a great swell of pride and satisfaction when a player or family member—sometimes after almost a decade of them being on my team—tells me how much impact I had on them and that being on my team helped them to do whatever it is they are doing now. Without volunteering with LSO, I would not have anywhere near the level of work/life balance that keeps me loving the life I have. For that, I am grateful.”

Summer Naegal

Softball + Soccer Coach

3 years

“My volunteer work is very important to me. I have stage four breast cancer and I cherish every day I get to spend teaching our local youth about the games of softball and soccer. When I am out on the field, I forget I have cancer. These kids give me more strength than they could ever comprehend. Both sports have helped my family and me create lifetime friendships.”

Matt Clippinger

Soccer Coach

13 years

“I am thankful to LSO for the many great memories our family has enjoyed and for the families that we've had the opportunity to meet through the LSO soccer program. The recreational soccer season has been a perfect fit for our family to enjoy soccer in-season and have an off-season to enjoy so many other fun things our area has to offer.”

Jason Harden

Baseball, Soccer + Flag Football Coach

6 years

“Not only is the time with my sons very important to me, but the relationships with all the children, coaches and families is priceless. The relationships we have developed over the years will last beyond our time in LSO. To me, the best thing is going to any event in the Lakota district and seeing a child that I have coached. I love hearing how they have grown, finding out what they are doing now, and even being invited to go watch some at the next level, playing select ball or middle school sports. There are so many great memories, it’s hard to imagine not taking the time to coach these children.”

Angela Schmidt

Volleyball Coach, Director of Volleyball + Resource Committee Support

13 years

“Through LSO, we created and offered the youth volleyball program for the first time to our community. We started with 6 teams that first fall season, and we are now over 30 teams and offer year-round participation 13 years later. My kids both have grown out of the program, but I still remain…I know how much LSO makes a long-lasting impact on its youth and families and I want to contribute as a leader to continue making that happen.”

Love sports and care about kids? Join LSO behind the scenes, from the sidelines or on the playing field. Make an impact on community youth through LSO. Opportunities are available for individuals, families and corporate groups. LakotaSports.org

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