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Having A Senior Moment

Senior Portrait Tips from Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer Lindsay Borg

Senior Photographs are one of the most important parts of this amazing final year of school. It cements forever who they were at this critical part of their lives.  Who have they become during these 12 years of school, and how will you remember this time.  As parents of seniors, it is important that this time be special for you as well as your child, so we have enlisted the help of Lindsay Borg, award winning  and nationally featured lifestyle photographer, to help navigate this crucial time.

Tips for having a great Senior Portrait Experience

Choose the right Photographer

These days, digital photography is very accessible, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean everyone with a digital camera is a professional.  It’s important to find someone with the portfolio, skills, style and portrait packages you are looking for. Choose an Artist that can provide exactly what you need.

Check out their Portfolio

Make sure their style matches the overall look you are wanting.  It is important to find an artist who has a consistent editing style  Over processing or the use of heavy editing will lose its appeal over time. You want your images to be timeless.

Be Specific

Communicate what you want out of your senior portrait experience your photographer. Whether it is unlimited outfit changes, long session times, a unique location or package options


Trust your photographer’s eye. What they see might not be what you see at the time, but after all, that’s why you hired a professional!

Location, location, location!

You want OPTIONS! Arizona has beautiful outdoor locations that are accessible year-round...parks, lakes, the Salt River, and tons of downtown art and urban settings. A local park like the  Riparian Preserve or Downtown Gilbert can be a very versatile location for a senior.

Make it a Get Away

A short day trip to Sedona’s red rocks or the aspen trees in Flagstaff might be exactly what you need to set your portrait session apart from the rest. Most photographers offer a travel option for an additional fee.

What to wear!  (most asked question)

The answer is simple; you want to look like yourself. You want to be comfortable. Choose outfits that YOU would wear! Outfits that make YOU feel good! If you are uncomfortable, it will be obvious in your images.

How to choose outfits

Bring at least one everyday casual outfit, one outfit that you know mom is going to love, and one outfit that is fun and on trend. College tees and your high school cap and gowns are always encouraged.

What makes you unique

 Incorporate everything that makes you who YOU are like dance, sports, instruments, pets and hobbies. You really only have one shot to get this right.

When should you book?

Booking your session and your session date are not the same thing. A huge misconception is that if you book in the summer, your session will be in the summer.  That is not the case at all. Senior portrait sessions are usually booked 6 months in advance. That means you book in late summer to early fall for your senior's winter through spring semesters.

Find out the yearbook submission rules

This can vary depending on yearbook and Senior ad deadlines. Find out from your school.  They are all different. If it is required that you use your schools provided photographer for yearbook photos but you still want a senior session that offers an outdoor location with outfit changes, your date options are a bit more flexible.

Book EARLY!!

Booking sooner than later is always the best.  Spring in Arizona is prime photography season! You don’t want to miss the chance at booking the photographer of your dreams. The most sought after photographers spots fill quickly!!

Did We mention BOOK EARLY!!

Trying to book 30 days before graduation just isn't a good idea. You want at least 45-60 days to get your graduation announcements completed and sent out to friends and family.

Stay Safe

Remember even during your photo shoots to stay safe Most photographers have the proper equipment (longer lenses) to keep a safe distance from you. Wash your hands frequently and wear a mask when needed.