Heal Your Center and Regain Hope

Kemper Pelvic Physiotherapy seeks to empower and serve all.

Pelvic physical therapy is a highly specialized field and a unique calling. It’s life-changing in its capacity to bring ease to essential functions and newfound joy to pleasure pursuits. Often, it is described as the missing piece in a patient’s treatment plan, as this work is not only holistically-minded but often underserved. Everyone is unique and deserves tailored therapies to address their individual goals. At Kemper Pelvic Physiotherapy, you can rest assured that you are entering an inclusive and sensitive setting where the staff is highly trained in trauma-informed care and a wide range of specialties. 

The pelvis is the center of our bodies, affecting many functions across our entire being. One must receive ample space and time to explore one's symptoms and health history in an environment where they are deeply listened to. This personal approach makes Kemper Pelvic Physiotherapy stand out, as each physical therapist communicates intending to calm the nervous system amidst a stunning setting. Everyone feels warmly welcomed here amidst ample natural lighting, heaters on every treatment table, and stunning views of downtown Decatur from every room. Pronouns are included in all introductions and forms, and this dedication to inclusivity reflects the core values of the entire team’s therapeutic approach. The staff empowers self-efficacy and informed consent in every permission-driven appointment. 

Orthopedically trained, each physical therapist dives deep into your injury history and current lifestyle during the intake process; it is longer than typical, a solid ninety minutes, to provide space to dig through to the root of your pain by finding all connected instances. The goals are always individualized and focused on the activities the patient wants to get back to without pain. In the words of Physical Therapist, Dr. Laura Ross, “No goal is too small.” 

While in this process, various therapies tailored to your case are implemented, including manual treatments and dry needling. This work benefits those of all gender identities and sexual orientations, as well as a broad range of physical goals. From high-level athletes to pregnant people and everyone else in between, you can discover lessened pain and increased quality of life with pelvic physiotherapy. Many patients come to this work carrying exasperation, exhaustion, and even shame. Through their treatment processes, Kemper Pelvic Physiotherapy’s physical therapists have seen patients go from depression to renewed vigor, from hopelessness to hope.

Upon calling into the practice, you will speak with Janice or Jenna to match you with the ideal physical therapist for your case by taking note of your symptoms. All three practitioners, Beth, Laura, and Megan, approach this work with great passion. Beth Kemper, the practice's owner, came into the abdominal and pelvic specialty after seeing another physical therapist address a patient’s lower back pain with exceptional effectiveness through pelvic physical therapy. She saw an underutilized approach and an underserved community, then dove into her calling. Dr. Laura Ross finds this work life-changing; it is collaborative and fascinating, as pelvic health and function rely on several systemic factors, socioeconomic pressures, and personal moments to dissect and piece together. Dr. Megan Beach-Gomes, who often works with pregnant and postpartum patients, finds great joy in pinpointing someone’s elusive pain and treating it effectively. And then, it is so rewarding to see their little ones once they arrive!

Kemper Pelvic Physiotherapy is a safe space where you will find impactful pain relief, an overall increased sense of well-being, and caring practitioners who strive for excellence. Everyone deserves quality care and high-quality living.

“We specialize in the middle of the body. It’s not just about the pelvic floor; it’s about how the pelvis fits in with how everything in the body is functioning, above and below.”

“A foundational value for us is to be a space that provides trauma-informed and inclusive care.”

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