Healing the Body From The Inside

Functional Wellness Practioner Sharnie Grewal Helps People Find Better Health

Article by Erica Hernandez

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Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

What is functional wellness?

The body is innately designed to be in balance and heal itself. When this balance is disrupted, it experiences illness and “dis-ease.” If you give the body what it needs, it knows how to heal itself. Functional wellness involves uncovering and releasing the root cause while supporting all aspects of the individual to allow the body to function optimally and thrive. Each person is unique and so are the factors making up their health. By addressing the unique combination of factors impacting the person, we can address the underlying issue and eliminate it from the root for good.

What can someone expect when working with you?

To transform their health and consequently their life! It truly is a transformational process. My clients are actively involved in their personalized care and can expect to be fully heard and supported as we work together toward their goals. They are empowered and receive the tools they need to have the health, body, and life they desire. They also gain clarity and breakthroughs on health issues they may be experiencing. I work with my clients online via video calls, so my clients can have their sessions in the comfort of their own space as well save on travel time. This also allows me to support clients all over the country as well as overseas.

How does someone know they need to see a functional wellness provider?

A lot of people have already tried conventional healthcare options and are not seeing the benefits they want. They are tired of the Band-Aid solutions they’ve been given and want a whole-body approach that really gets to the root cause of their problems. Someone may be concerned about their genetic risks and want to be proactive. Others may not necessarily have any health conditions per se, but may have signs that their body is out of balance. They may be exhausted frequently and just not feel great. Taking action on these warnings from your body early on allows the body to be supported back into balance and can save further deterioration of health.

 Is there a difference between seeing a functional wellness provider and a medical doctor?

Due to the way the conventional healthcare system is set up, it is symptom-driven which has an important place, particularly in acute issues or surgeries. Unfortunately, a lot of health issues are chronic issues of lifestyle and require a different approach. The functional wellness approach is client-centered, taking into account the mind, body, and spirit. I focus on educating and empowering clients on choices to best support their bodies and proactively shift their health balance from the root. As a result, their body releases the symptoms and they move towards optimal wellness and improved well-being.

Why did you choose your profession? 

Supporting people to improve their bodies has always been my passion. I worked as a physical therapist locally and in the UK. After suffering with my own health issues, I was given nothing but pills for solutions. That’s when I decided things had to change. As I learned to heal my body and experienced the profound change, I realized I had to share this with others. I really see that as women, we often don’t prioritize ourselves enough, and that’s why I want to empower women to take on this transformational journey, just like I did.

 What's your best advice for living a healthy 2022?

Improve the condition of your gut and address the root cause of your health problems! Your gut is called your second brain for a reason. It has a huge influence over your whole body, including your brain. Everything impacts your gut, from your body’s toxic burden to the foods you eat. But there’s so much you can do to drastically improve your health. Remember, if you’re not addressing the root cause, your problem will continue to sprout new symptoms, just like when a weed is not removed from the root. If you’re not happy with your health, take action and address the root cause.


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