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Better the Skin You’re In At Studio 7 Esthetics

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Photography by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

The first time I visited Studio 7 Esthetics, I expected the inside to look much like my dermatologist’s office: inescapable fluorescent glare, sparse, medicinal, boring—nothing to see here. 

“This can’t be a skin-care place,” I thought upon walking in, taking in the boho decor of the brow bar off to the left with its perfectly mismatched chairs and perky plant wall. “Can it?” 

Perhaps sensing my skepticism, owners Darian Fischer and Dee Hamilton took me on a tour. And there was much to take in. Every turn and every open door led to a new and intriguing surprise: An infrared sauna! Himalayan salt room! VersaSpa! Super chic lounge area! 

It was all I could do to not ask if they wouldn’t mind if I just, ya know, hopped in the infrared sauna room for a quick 30? 

However, I (reluctantly) re-focused and discovered so much about what makes Studio 7 completely different, starting with their focus on your individual journey.

Studio 7 Esthetics Essentials  

“Studio 7 Esthetics was developed from a dream we had of one place, one location, one go-to hangout spot for anyone wanting some self-care and kindness,” Dee explains.

With that goal in mind, the duo created a space with room for six independently rented suites plus the “main house” serving as the seventh, all with a variety of full-body skincare and wellness services.   

“Darian and I wanted a safe haven for our team of independent contractors to work both collectively and independently—while also feeling encouraged and inspired to be their best selves,” Dee shares. Mission accomplished.

The uniqueness of Studio 7 is that Darian, Dee and their team tailor your experience to what suits you best, first gauging what you are looking for and then developing a care plan.

“Everyone’s skin is different—how can there ever be a ‘one-size-fits-all’”? Darian asks. “Our thought is, there can’t be. As skin experts, we assess and develop your plan. Not mine, not your friend’s—yours.

Studio 7 Services 
Offering a mix of both holistic and clinical services, Studio 7 has something for everyone—anyone wanting to better themselves and the skin they’re in.

The studio’s general esthetics offerings include facials, skin therapy and modality application, acne treatments, healing peels, exfoliation, hair removal and light therapy restoration, spray tan, and brow beautification (including threading).

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Room
Looking for an amazing sunless tan? This automated, sunless spray tanning system offers an open-concept booth, a complete blow-dry system, and step-by-step voice instructions. That’s not all—you also have the option to incorporate body hydration, rejuvenation, skin-soothing botanicals, soy proteins, and anti-aging ingredients like marine algae.

Infrared Sauna
Sleep better, detoxify, relieve sore muscles, improve circulation and more with an infrared sauna treatment. This type of sauna employs infrared lamps that warm your body directly. Heat from the infrared lamps penetrates more deeply than warmed air, allowing for a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

Halotherapy Salt Room
Detoxify, relax and refresh in their Himalayan Salt Room. Salt therapy helps detoxify the respiratory system, sinuses, skin and even some organs via microscopic, medical-grade salt particles you breathe in during your session. Salt ions purify the room’s air—which can also increase lung capacity and reduce physical ailments for any age. 

Muscle Activation Technique
Find better balance, symmetry and muscle function with this unique, in-demand service. Studio 7’s MAT expert can improve and restore range of motion, stability and strength—perfect for pro athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between. 

So. Much. More.
But there’s tons more in addition to the amazing offerings above—from pre-natal pampering to salt yoga and beyond. You have to experience these individualized services for yourself. What better time than the New Year? Indulge—and give Dee and Darian a call. | 12096 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati | 513.550.1439 

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