Health In Our Community

Four local health care providers share their approaches to health and wellness

Jennifer Pierson, Senior Director Marketing and Outreach

Lindner Center of HOPE

4075 Old Western Row Rd, Mason


Q: Please explain what Lindner Center provides for patients. 

“We are a patient-centered comprehensive mental health care provider. We provide mental illness diagnosis and treatment, as well as substance use disorder and addiction services for all ages and levels of care. Additionally, we have an international reputation for our diagnostic assessments for adults, adolescents and children. Our research institute allows us to help advance the field and stay abreast of new treatment options.” 

Q: What do you wish the community knew about Lindner Center? About mental health?

“People hear our name and often don’t think of us as a non-profit. Fundraising and donors are critical for providing the services we offer. Both mental illness and addiction issues are very common, affecting one in five people, but they’re also really treatable. If people step forward, there are many opportunities and options available to find some hope and some help.”  


Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Lindner Center of HOPE

Q: What do you find that people overlook when it comes to their mental health? 

“In such a fast-paced world, we lose sight of the beauty in each moment. Our attention tends to stay focused on the things that “have to be done” in the future, leading to anxiety that we aren’t “doing enough.” This distorts our focus and impairs memory formation, creating a barrier to the self-awareness that is so integral for gauging our emotional states and mental well-being. These factors often exacerbate psychiatric disease, or even bring a new onset of anxiety or depressive symptoms.”

Q: How do you recommend patients stay on top of their mental health and wellness?

“Rather than feeding into the negativity that creeps into our lives through social media, news reports or toxic relationships, spend time nurturing the positive aspects of life. If you sense a significant disruption to your inner harmony, use it as a cue to take a step back and reset your focus to attend to your self-care. This could mean going to counseling, seeking medication management, reconnecting with friends, disconnecting from social media or exploring new interests to help you find fulfillment.”

Dr. Gregory Davis 

Gregory P. Davis, DDS

4834 Socialville-Foster Rd Ste. 30C, Mason


Q: Please tell us about your dental practice and specialties.

“My general dental practice has flourished across the last 36 years along with Mason, Landen and the surrounding communities. Our success is built on a broad foundation supported by three sturdy legs: diverse continuing education, empowering technology and genuine compassion for the people of our community.” 

Q: What should readers know about your philosophies as a healthcare provider?  

“I’m a dentist because it meaningfully connects me with people in search of wholeness and health. We’re called to listen to the haunts, fears, hopes and dreams of our dental family. We are exceptionally well trained to identify physical disease and brokenness, but only our patients can illuminate what is happening in their hearts and minds. Dental health care is ultimately an exercise in co-discovery between my team and our patients.”

Q: What do you recommend as the basis for good dental health?

“Dental wellness is integral to general health. Ultimately we shoot for behaviors and home-care that reduce inflammation and calm the immune system. These behaviors fall into two camps: owning the importance of thorough oral hygiene, and dietary choices. Start by using a quality electric toothbrush and dental floss daily. Remember that the oral bacteria eat what we feed them! It’s important to also keep sugary foods confined to one or two exposures per day.”

Dr. Ted A. Snyder  

Mason Eye Center 

6667 Western Row Road, Mason (New Location)


Q: Tell us about your eye care practice and specialties. 

“I am an optometrist who specializes in pediatric exams and disease evaluation, but I see people of all ages. People think the main reason to go to an eye doctor is blurry vision. However, eye exams are instrumental in assessing overall health and catching disease before it’s too late. Better vision is the side benefit.”

 Q: What should readers know about your philosophies as a healthcare provider?  

“I practice with integrity. If you have a small change in your glasses or contacts, I will be honest and tell you that an update is optional. Most of my patients feel like friends to me, I truly care about them and their families. I look at the overall health of the person and stress the importance of annual eye exams to look for signs of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, brain tumors and many other diseases.”

Q: What do you recommend as the basis for healthy eye care?  

“My seven tips are: Purchase and wear quality sunglasses. Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Take a quality Omega 3 - not all are the same (I recommend PRN). Wear sports goggles for at-risk sports and safety glasses for home and yard projects. Include a blue blocker in your lenses to block short-wavelength blue light from digital devices. Get an annual eye exam: our motto is ‘every person, every year.’”

Dr. John DiPaola, DC

Everybody’s Health

808 Reading Rd, Mason 


 Q: What should readers know about your practice and specialties?

“I’ve practiced for 23 years, and this is my 10th year with Everybody’s Health. As chiropractors, we help people function at their optimum level and heal naturally. However, your ability to heal drops off as you age. I’ve decided to expand my practice to include regenerative medicine because it gives us the ability to encourage tissue to regenerate as if it were younger. By healing tissue in and around the joints we’re able to stimulate growth and repair. It increases the healing the body is already trying to do.”

 Q: Can you explain regenerative medicine for people who aren’t familiar with it? 

“Regenerative Medicine repairs, rebuilds and heals any painful or injured area of your body. At our facility, we utilize protein-rich plasma (PRP) and mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) injections. For both therapies, it is injected into the injured area to stimulate healing. It’s most effective to use them together to treat a severely degenerated condition, such as a knee that’s reached the point of needing replacement. A strain or sprain may require just one treatment to encourage healing. PRP is used by athletes for this purpose. We have a nurse practitioner and a medical doctor who explain and perform these procedures.”

Q: What are your philosophies as a healthcare provider?

“Regenerative medicine is aligned with my beliefs of helping people heal naturally and eliminating invasive procedures and interventions as much as we can. I feel the natural approach to healing is the best for the patient. My purpose is to help as many people as possible live longer, happier and healthier lives.”

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