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Having helped in the health and nutrition industry for over 26 years, Lorraine Dennencourt decided to branch out and cultivate a business that focused on offering people alternative, holistic healthcare with reputable, quality products. She cared about opening a store that showcased preventative wellness, was highly-tested and all-organic, and defied the misconceptions of CBD.

In 2019, Lorraine became a retailer in Southwick for the Sunmed | Your CBD Store franchise. She worked to establish an expert team and loyal client base ever since. “This is a place where people can get the help they need naturally. You can get sick or addicted to Big Pharma, by taking prescription after prescription, and we want to encourage balance in all areas of health - exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle change,” she encourages.

There are misconceptions about CBD and the stores that sell it. These negative connotations are sometimes paired with the perception of “getting high” off products sold at psychedelic smoke shops or seedy gas stations. People worry whether or not the products are safe and tested - or if they even work. But in response to customer and patient-education, backed by a versatile line of vegan, high-grade products, patients of Sunmed in Southwick beam with positive experiences and are excited for a lifestyle change. Clients typically come from word-of-mouth referrals and then confide with the store staff their own various health issues and conditions. “Some share troubles with sleeping - can’t fall asleep, stay asleep, or toss and turn all night - while others struggle with joint issues from arthritis,” Lorraine empathizes.

“More isn’t always better. It’s quality - not quantity,” she warmly asserts. The line of Sunmed products is backed by scientists and third-party testing. In fact, the Topical Cream is award-winning body care infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, peppermint, and arnica flower.

Sunmed | Your CBD Store offers an array of top-grade tinctures, gummies, softgels, bath bombs, bodycare, and pet products, too.

Have a taste for orange or red apple? Sunmed offers a unique product named TRIM in these flavors to help curb appetite and reduce cravings over time with a natural hemp solution. Rise is the line for the daytime, when you want some pep in your step and the clarity of a cup of coffee, without the jitters.

When dawn turns to dusk, and you want to wind down before bed, try Sleep - a night-time tincture that tastes like blueberry or blackberry. The CBNplus soothes you naturally, with a blend of valerian root and lavender. The concoction is rich with plant-based terpenes to lull you into a deep, relaxing rest. Try a dose about 30 minutes before bed to begin a peaceful night routine.

The health of your fur baby is important, too! That’s why Sunmed offers chews for mobility and relaxation as well as broad-spectrum bacon hearts and steak bites. The mobility chews are formulated with veterinarian guidance and made with hemp and green-lipped mussels for joint support.

CBD is healing and its therapeutic qualities help people from all ages and walks of life treat ailments of many kinds. Testimonies from patients and people using CBD include relief from nerve pain, joint arthritis, depression and anxiety, sleep disruptions, and even epilepsy and side effects from cancer treatment. Understanding more about how CBD works in the human system better enhances the balance between brain, body, and the connection to wellness and disease.

Sunmed | Your CBD Store
549 College Hwy Unit C
Southwick, MA 01077

Monday - Friday / 10AM - 6PM
Saturday / 10AM - 5PM
Sunday / Closed

CBD stands for cannabidiol (can-uh-bih-dye-ohl) and is kin to the cannabinoid family, a ménage of medicinal chemical compounds that are found naturally in both the human body and cannabis plant. These substances impact our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is an internal health network that influences the state of our physical and mental well-being. Found in our brains, tissues, and organs, this matrix of seemingly magical receptors are responsible for helping regulate a myriad of health conditions traced to our immune and nervous systems. In essence, reintroducing cannabinoids to the ECS opens a bridge between the body and mind. Thanks to increasing studies, CBD is becoming more popular and safer than ever.

CB1: Cannabinoid receptors related to the central nervous system that act as communication traffic cops. They go against the normal flow of your body’s signals and offer the ability to regulate your reactions. CBD1 is concentrated in areas that affect decision making, emotional reactions, and sensory/motor responses.

CB2: Cannabinoid receptors associated with the immune system and are noted for regulating inflammation and overall homeostasis.

CBG: Cannabigerol is a non-psychoactive compound that is recommended during the day due to its uplifting and stimulating effects.

CBN: Cannabinol (non-psychoactive) is suggested for nighttime use due to its calming, sedative effects.

“This is a place where people can get the help they need naturally." Lorraine Dennencourt

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