Breathing Healthier Air in Your Home

These are a few examples of the types of calls Green Home Solutions receives on a daily basis:

"Hi, yes, I’m calling because my child wakes up every morning congested with itchy eyes, and I was wondering if you could check our home and see if anything is going on."

"Hello, we had a leak in the kitchen, and I see some black stuff on the wall. I think it might be mold."

"We have a musty smell throughout the house and are not sure where it's coming from. Is this something you can help with?"

"I’m pregnant and want to make sure my home has no issues before the baby comes. Can you test our air quality?"

Indoor air quality issues can be caused by anything from mold to allergens, particles, chemicals, and more. 

Luckily for Charlotte and the surrounding Metro region, Green Home Solutions opened their doors five years ago and the company quickly earned a reputation as one you can trust with your home, business, and most importantly, your health.


Stephen Paddison and Tracy Poff, the co-owners of Green Home Solutions, never pictured themselves owning a business together when they met 20 years ago when their sons were schoolmates. Stephen had moved to Charlotte from Australia with his wife and young son after serving in the Royal Australian Navy for 25 years as an engineer. Tracy had a long career in sports, working for Nike and sports talk radio. 

The combination of Stephen’s vast knowledge of the science behind indoor air quality and Tracy’s sales and communication skills proved to be a perfect match! Together they opened Green Home Solutions Charlotte, and the venture has been more successful and rewarding than either could have ever imagined.

A recent client of Stephen and Tracy’s describes her experience with Green Home Solutions:

"We have lived in our house now for 40 years. We were newlyweds when we purchased it in 1983—a home that we still love and consider beautiful. As time rolled by, we added on, remodeled the kitchen, installed a brick courtyard, and added some storage areas.

Over the years, my husband developed allergies. We thought it was simply due to a natural allergic reaction to our dog, everything outside, and possibly age. We never considered the idea that the inside of our house could be causing the constant coughing, sneezing, difficulty sleeping, and other symptoms until we decided to have our indoor air quality examined. 

We were so fortunate to reach out to Green Home Solutions. I enjoyed talking with Tracy, who answered my questions professionally, knowledgeably, and with expertise about possible allergens in our older home. We agreed to schedule an appointment to determine our needs. Air samples were taken by the company owners, Stephen and Tracy, and we received the test results within 24 hours. 

Alarmingly, it was determined that we had a very high volume of allergens inside! Green Home Solutions solved our problem by thoroughly eradicating the allergens throughout our entire home. They were timely and left everything cleaner and neater than they found it! My husband is no longer coughing or sneezing, and he is getting quality sleep! We are SO grateful for their expertise! We only wish we had discovered Green Home Solutions earlier."


In the beginning, their business mostly dealt with mold remediation and some odor removal work. Being a ‘GREEN’ company, Green Home Solutions does not use any harsh chemicals but rather plant-based enzymes, eco-friendly EPA-registered products, and environmental probiotics that really work. “We use nature against nature," as Stephen likes to point out.

When COVID hit, Green Home Solutions was one of the few local companies that had experience treating viruses with safe and effective methods—the same ones used by most hospitals. Tracy adds, "People were calling really worried and afraid, and it felt good to say we can help you and here’s how.” With people working from home and spending much more time inside, they started noticing things in their homes they hadn’t before—a musty odor, heightened allergy symptoms, spots on walls or ceilings, and so on. In one instance, a church had turned off its AC while they were closed down. As a result, mold grew everywhere due to the high heat and humidity.


An indoor quality assessment begins with an inspection of the entire building by Stephen, with everything observed from the attic down to the crawl space and every room in between. Air samples are usually taken along with an air monitor that checks for particles, chemicals, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more. 

Many people think a mold issue is making them unwell, but often it's something else. Even doctors’ offices are referring patients to Green Home Solutions to help determine if an issue at their home or office is the source of their illness.

One local property manager we spoke with added:

"As a Property Manager of a condominium complex in Charlotte, the owners and I have used the services of Green Home Solutions. Tracy and Stephen have been very professional, upfront, and honest in explaining the process of their service. They deliver on their services and don’t oversell. I highly recommend Green Home Solutions for indoor air quality testing, mold removal and remediation, odor removal, HVAC cleaning, and the additional services they provide."

Breathe better today with Green Home Solutions. Call 704.312.8557, or visit online at GreenHomeSolutions.com/Charlotte-NC.

Being a ‘GREEN’ company, Green Home Solutions does not use any harsh chemicals but rather plant-based enzymes, eco-friendly EPA-registered products, and environmental probiotics that really work.   “We use nature against nature," as Stephen likes to point out.

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