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Medina Local Simplifies Healthy Living in New Blog

Jen Leichliter believes health does not have to be complicated. Often, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is portrayed in a way that makes it feel unobtainable for some. But through her latest endeavor, Healthy By Jen, Jen's goal is to help simplify healthy living for individuals and families.

Healthy By Jen is an extension of Elderberry Syrup by Jen, her business that started as a passion project in 2017. During this time, Jen was searching for a better option to keep her two school-aged children healthy during the school year. Disappointed by the ingredients and prices of commercial elderberry syrup brands, Jen started her journey of producing her own elderberry syrup. Knowing the power of the antioxidants in elderberries and local raw honey, Jen started reaching out to farmers to learn about their organic elderberry growing process and beekeeping procedures. After seeing positive results and being encouraged by friends and family the woman-owned, small business, Elderberry Syrup by Jen came to life.

Since its inception, Elderberry Syrup by Jen has gained substantial popularity through simple word of mouth. Today, she sells her syrup on her website as well as at Mustard Seed Market's locations in Montrose and Akron, The Farm Stand in Norton, Alison's SuperFoods in Akron, Destiny Farm Cattle in Medina and more. The syrup is crafted with organic elderberries, local raw honey, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic ground ginger, organic raw ginger root, organic clove powder and organic lemon juice.

Now, after years of producing elderberry syrup and being the go-to health and wellness advisor to friends and family, Jen has created Healthy By Jen, a health and wellness blog aiming to empower families to live their healthiest lives.

“Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated," says Jen. "The purpose of my blog is for families to be able to use it as a cheat sheet for guidance to optimal health. I’ve spent years researching recipes, holistic remedies and more, and I want to share my knowledge."

Jen continues: "One of the main goals of my blog is to keep it short and sweet so that the pertinent information is quickly communicated to the reader. I don't want anyone to feel like they have to dig for information or that they have to dedicate a lot of time to reading a lengthy blog. It is set up so that readers can quickly read a blog post and instantly find the information that they are looking for."

For more information and to read Jen's latest blog posts or order her deliciously-crafted elderberry syrup, visit

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