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Eating Right Is Effortless—and Irresistible—at Balance Café & Smoothies

Article by Stephanie Meinberg

Photography by Brandon Davis

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

“We weren’t going to make millions doing this … our mission is to get people to eat healthier, one meal at a time.”

Call it a mantra, call it a motto, but fresh, clean eating is not just what Balance Café & Smoothies does, it’s who they are. Owners Tracy Morgan and Brandon Davis have a flair for flavor-packed food that’s also (gasp) really good for you.

“Everything is local. Everything is shopped for on a daily basis. Everything is made fresh every day,” Tracy asserts. “That’s the thing that is different—we truly are fresh and clean. From farm to table.”

She calls out a few familiar chains who tout themselves as purveyors of the responsible and healthy. “But it’s processed, it comes in a bag, it’s the same at every store you go to. We’re stealing business from them, because people are tired of the same old, same old.”

And steal business they do—along with hearts and appetites and loyalty. Now entering their 7th year of business, they’ve become go-to favorites for a variety of patrons, from catering for weddings, baby showers and annual meetings to healthy, fresh options for parents who just want an easy way to get everyone around the dinner table again.

“The food sells itself here,” Tracy says. “But until they get in the door, there’s that mentality of ‘it’s healthy, it probably doesn’t taste good.’ Then their minds are blown because their taste buds are finally doing the talking versus their heads.”

Flexible to the nth degree, Tracy has built relationships with business partners like pharmaceutical reps who need tasty, memorable meals for 50—in less than 12 hours. Then there’s community—she’s proud of what they’ve been able to give back, including corporate discounts, gift cards for fundraisers, and auctionable dinners for nonprofits.  

It doesn’t stop there. Day in and day out, Balance takes serving fresh flavor to the next level, offering gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and customizable dishes that delight palates and dietary needs alike.

“Our Cocoa Black Bean Cupcake … it tastes like a moist chocolate cake, but it’s got the good oils from the avocado, the potassium from the beans. It’s a healthier cupcake—literally 35 calories. And it’s gluten-free. You’d never know it.”

While cafe hours are Monday–Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Balance has established itself as a daytime destination for client meetings and long lunches with friends in addition to a dependable alternative for anytime meals. Their app is close to completion (think rewards, favorites, digital orders) and although they’ve decided to opt out of trendy delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, they offer an alternative.

“Too expensive,” Tracy calls them. “One wanted to add on 30% to what we were already charging. If it’s a convenience factor, call us and schedule it—we’ll deliver it to you.”  

“We haven’t raised our prices because then you can’t eat here every day,” she laughs. “It’s not a once a week treat—it’s an everyday lifestyle. We’re teaching people that healthy eating is easy and it tastes good.” | 9551 Fields Ertel Rd. | 513.774.0051


No time to wait? No problem. Balance has online ordering in the bag—a quick, convenient way to do fresh-eating fast. “You choose an estimated time of arrival, you come in, you pick it up and you leave. It’s been a huge benefit for a lot of people.” Now they’ve added Meal Prep online and in-store, too, for ordering bulk, single-serve or family-style foods. Need grilled chicken, steak or asparagus to round out a dish? Prefer a fully balanced, complete dinner? Meal Prep has the answer—and the options.  

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