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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

“Knowing that people come in because they trust me … it means a lot,” Dr. Luke Reineck of Living With Motion Chiropractic says. “Being asked to help neighbors and their families involves a great deal of trust. And I don’t take it lightly.”

For Dr. Luke, work is more than just a professional calling. “I live right down the street from the practice,” he says, and explains that it’s really about helping neighbors and contributing to the Greater Loveland community. “My wife had attended UC for pharmacy,” the Toledo native recalls. “And we noticed right away that there’s just something special about this area.” Now, his family is proud to call it home.

These days, Dr. Luke is in his 15th year of providing chiropractic care, and he’s celebrating a decade of service with Living With Motion—a practice that is now benefiting from a healthy roster of expanded services.

“We’ve always offered a family-based wellness approach to chiropractic care,” Dr. Luke explains. “So it’s important that we constantly assess ways to provide a better service and experience.”

That commitment to ongoing education has led to his recent completion of an International Chiropractic Pediatric Association course, including prenatal chiropractic and the Webster Technique (evaluation of the sacrum—located at the base of the lumbar vertebrae—and its alignment within the pelvis). During treatment, Dr. Luke enjoys educating patients on new ways to achieve health through chiropractic, nutritional care, and stress management.

It’s no surprise that movement is at the top of that list. “It’s really about the mobility of your joints,” he explains. “And now we’re offering additional ways to improve flexibility. An individual’s ability to lengthen and move muscles is adjacent to chiropractic care, especially when we’re talking about muscles around the spine.”

With that in mind, Living With Motion has also recently added a physical therapist, one specializing in dry needling therapy—which Dr. Luke says has already been able to help many with chronic, long-term issues. They’ve also added certified stretch coaches who perform 1:1 assisted stretching to increase patients’ flexibility. Plus, on staff are two massage therapists with a combined 28 years of experience.

“We want to take a ‘whole body’ approach,” Dr. Luke says. “Address spinal joints, take stretching to the next level, maximize motion with flexibility throughout the body. A lot of people think, ‘Well, I can crack my own neck,’ but this is totally different—you get a different effect when someone else is doing it for you. Even when working out, for example, you can go to the gym by yourself … but with a personal trainer, someone who knows what they’re doing, they make sure you’re doing the right stretches, for much better results.”

You could say that Dr. Luke is simply answering his family’s call to care for others.

“It all goes back to my dad being in dentistry,” he says, today. “I have two brothers who followed in his footsteps, and I was heading down the path to be a dentist myself.” That’s until he noted the difference between chiropractic care and dentistry. “For one thing, everyone’s excited to come in!” Dr. Luke laughs. “It’s just a different feel, and it fits my mentality … the idea of getting to the root of a problem, rather than saying, ‘well, my back hurts, so I’ll just take ibuprofen and hope it goes away.’’’

Proper body care, he insists, includes routine checkups and assessment.

“Think about it like this,” Dr. Luke offers. “No one’s going to argue about the importance of dental hygiene, right? Well, it’s the same way with the spine—it needs to keep itself clean as well, and it does so with proper motion. We need to keep it hydrated with fluid coming in, and keep it healthy. By taking care of your spine, you can avoid plaque buildup—otherwise known as arthritis.”

With a robust investment in professional service offerings, Dr. Luke and his colleagues at Living With Motion are ensuring that his next 10 years of contributing to community health will be fruitful. It’s all about knowing who to call upon for the assistance, training and care that a body needs to live a full, healthy life.

“When you work with someone else to improve your health, you’ll get better results, faster.”

LivingWithMotion.com | 6415 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Loveland | 513.831.4433

Being asked to help neighbors and their families involves a great deal of trust. And I don’t take it lightly.

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