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Bringing Harmony Into the Home

dWELL Offers Healthy Home Transformations

There is nothing like being home for the holidays. The sights, smells and sounds give us a warm feeling in our hearts and lift our spirits. Imagine if that warm feeling of peace and harmony was in your home year-round. Katti Meng, entrepreneur and owner of dWELL, wants to make that possible. dWELL, a service to support and teach health and wellness in your home, is designed to make you rethink how you live.  

Tell us about dWELL and what it’s all about. 

Our homes are where we spend most of our time, but maybe don’t enjoy our atmosphere or live the healthiest lifestyle. Feeling your best and living your best life “in place” is my mantra. Since owning my own successful kitchen and bath design company (Katti Meng Designs), I witnessed first-hand over the last several years, a sharp increase of people deciding to give the interior of their homes a facelift. It’s easy to change a cabinet or retile a surface but unless you are stepping back and observing how your home truly makes you feel, you haven’t really lifted anything. 

What inspired you to launch dWELL?

I was inspired to launch dWELL based on my observations working through the process of a complete remodel with a client. There was a missed opportunity when I noticed a client’s disconnection from their home. Through the process of decluttering, living simpler, bringing in live plants, a healing color and appropriate lighting, you can change the entire feeling and harmony in your home. There is a level of wellness that most people forget is around us in our homes. I incorporate clean living concepts into the home as well; like living with fewer chemicals such as home scents and cleaning products.

What is your goal for the dWELL client?

My goal for the dWELL client is to feel their best in their space. My services are all customizable, beginning with a one-on-one consultation in your most comfortable environment, I will take queues and evaluate your life goals. I will then create a profile that includes where your harmony will appear, and this includes everything from space arrangement, energy sources, color theory, clean living and optimal organization. I believe once your home is sound and healthy, coming home will be like the holidays, every day.  

Is it time for a new year, new you? Set up a one-on-one consultation with Katti to begin your transformation into healthy home living at  

Plus, visit dWELL’s retail shop at 843 N. Cleveland Massillon Rd., Akron, OH 44333 to find kitchen organization, home scents, plants and more.

  • Katti Meng